Gospel literature

How a Booklet Came to Marial’s Rescue

After heavy winds collapsed her roof, Marial had no means to purchase the tin sheets needed to repair it. As a result, her home was a poor source of shelter from the winds and rains. When stormy weather returned, Marial was left exposed to the harsh elements. Despair wound its way into Marial’s heart as she surveyed her situation. The […] Read more »


Piglets Displace Poverty for Family of Nine

Every day, Tabor and his wife, Yamika, labored in the fields, tilling, picking, watering, coaxing the earth into producing enough vegetation to live on. Each day their hands toiled to fill the bellies of their seven children with food. Tabor explored every avenue available to him to increase his income to better provide for his family. But as each attempt […] Read more »

Goats can be a life-changing gift for many around the world.

Goats Chase Hopelessness Away

Shada and her husband, Renan, returned home from the local hospital with heavy hearts. The last 10 years offered disappointment after disappointment after multiple doctor visits resulted in no solution for Shada’s back and joint pain. Poverty threatened to overwhelm the family as medical bills piled up. Hard Times for the Family Shada and Renan had run a small business […] Read more »

This family received goats from a GFA gift distribution.

Did God Care About Their Finances—and Goats?

Restless minutes morphed to hours. Sleep evaded Dharma as he anxiously thought about his daughter and her poor health. Then a thought entered the concerned father’s mind. “There is only one place where we can take our daughter,” Dharma told his wife, “and I believe she will be healed there without any payment.” Dharma’s daughter had been sick, and he […] Read more »

The simple gift of blankets can change lives.

Widow Receives Unexpected Gift of Warmth

Kacia’s house wasn’t much, but it was hers. Built with bamboo and topped by thatch, the hut served as home to the 42-year-old and her 14-year-old daughter. It provided ample shade to beat the mild summer heat, but during winter, it barely shielded the mother and daughter from the biting winds. What could they do to brave the weather and […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope provided these girls with some winter coats.

Gift of Coat Eases Father’s Burden

Shivering from the cold, Amora pulled her worn jacket closer. She had hoped it would shelter her chilled body, but it had long lost its warmth. In a family of eight children, six of whom still lived at home, Amora often had to wait years for a new coat. Daxton, Amora’s father, knew his children needed new winter coats, but […] Read more »

GFA Workers giving clothes for Children with HIV

Gifts for Children with HIV

Deep in the Himalayan mountains, there is a small village with an orphanage that cares for children living with congenital HIV. Reijo, a local, established the orphanage in 2011 with the hope of providing a safe haven for children who have been shunned, discriminated against and not allowed to attend school because of the stigma associated with the disease. More […] Read more »

The gift of a warm blanket is a life-changing gift for many.

A Widow’s Fight Against the Cold

Sleep eluded Sabela. Every time the 48-year-old widow almost drifted off, the cold wind sliced through her home, rousing her. She couldn’t afford warm clothing or a blanket, and her relatives certainly wouldn’t help her. No matter how many articles of old, threadbare clothing she put on, they proved insufficient to stave off winter’s frigid air. The Struggle of a […] Read more »

This toilet is now a place to provide safety and privacy to the families in need.

Toilets Keep Communities Healthy, Safe

The numbers from the survey had finally come in, and the problem was even greater than Ritain had previously thought. Around 252 families living in his district had no sanitation facilities, a dangerous threat to their health and safety. How could he, the district head, meet their needs? Risking Their Lives to Relieve Themselves Nearly 1,600 families lived in Ritain’s […] Read more »

GFA's christmas gifts help provide income generating gifts for people in need

Illness, Poverty Lose Their Hold on Praying Family

For five long years, Kayan languished, suffering from an unknown illness that confined her to her bed. As she lay helpless, her and her husband Darsh’s financial situation plummeted, and the family found poverty knocking at their door. Kayan’s desolate physical state left her family struggling to meet basic needs and wondering if they had been cursed. Dwindling Funds, Dwindling […] Read more »

The tangible gift of a bicycle helped Shakurah (not pictured) trust that the Lord sees her needs and cares for her.

Bicycle Builds Teen’s Faith

Shakurah neared the school on the outskirts of her village. Fatigued from her long walk, she slipped into the classroom, late again. She may have avoided her teacher’s glare, but she would not be able to avoid punishment. Poverty Taints Teen’s Heart Sixteen-year old Shakurah grew up in a Christian home with godly parents, but life wasn’t easy. Her father […] Read more »

This boy has hope now thanks to the gifts from GFA

On the Right ‘Tract’

Seventeen-year-old Sandun lived with his family in a small village on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka. His father, Pasindu, a fisherman, worked hard to provide for his family. Sandun felt very lucky: His family had everything they needed; his father didn’t smoke or drink alcohol like many of the other fishermen; and he and his siblings were getting a […] Read more »

This couple pictured with a chicken like they donated along with funds for the conference.

Ears to Hear: A Father’s Journey to Active Faith

For Huna and his family, attending church was little more than a ritual. They attended inconsistently for seven years, but they did not allow the words they heard to penetrate beyond their ears and influence their actions. Huna as much more devoted to gambling; he hungered for quick riches. This addiction caused him to neglect his family and sometimes even […] Read more »

girls riding bicycles

Girl’s Accident Brings Unexpected Blessing

Cars, rickshaws, and bicycles whizzed by Rajalmati as she made her way home from school. The 16-year-old girl didn’t mind walking through the maze of traffic to and from school every day, even when she saw her friends riding on bicycles or in cars. Rajalmati’s parents tried their best to provide for her education, but they couldn’t afford to give […] Read more »

Jesus well blesses an entire village

Hope Found Through Living Water

In the heat of midsummer, GFA pastor Madhukar traveled to a neighboring village where some members of his church resided. He wanted to visit fellow believers and connect with other villagers. However, when Pastor Madhukar arrived, he realized the Lord had much more for him to do than just meet new people and make conversation. A Thirsty Village Deep in […] Read more »