Women's Ministry

Life is not easy for the women of Asia, but there are dedicated Gospel for Asia supported women missionaries who reach into the lives of hurting women and bring them from despair to the Hope of Jesus.

A BEC service

Conference Refreshes GFA Workers in Wake of Earthquake Relief

When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake ripped through Kathmandu, the capitol city of Nepal, on April 25, 2015, it sent deadly tremors through neighboring countries. Dozens of aftershocks followed, including one of 7.3 magnitude only 17 days later, on May 12, swelling the number of dead and injured. People living in Kathmandu were left shaken; thousands had perished, tens of thousands […] Read more »

Prayer brings daughter to rejoice in God's love

A Mother’s Prayers Bring Daughter Peace

Hetavi lost her father when she was only 18 years old. Grief stung the young woman even more deeply because her paternal relatives barraged Hetavi, her younger siblings and their mother Toral, with abuse and harassment. In South Asia, a widow is often blamed for her husband’s death. Yet, throughout the threats, throughout the wishes of failure heaped upon Hetavi’s […] Read more »

God found met this widow where she was even when she searched elsewhere

Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places

Samai and her husband were blessed with three sons and two daughters. Her two daughters were well married; Samai was in good health; her needs were met; and life went along smoothly. That was before tragedy struck and her world spiraled out of control. What little peace she held was stripped from her grasp. Tragedy’s Devastating Blow One evening, the […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope graduate is now a teacher

Saved from Child Marriage by Bridge of Hope Staff

As 13-year-old Krupa approached her family home, she became confused. People flocked around. Why were there so many? Who were they? Spotting her mother, Krupa inquired about the crowd. But her mother dodged the question. Just follow any instruction you might receive, she said. Krupa’s confusion gave way to fear when she realized her parents were preparing her wedding. Not […] Read more »

widow experiences God's love through GFA pastor

Knowing She Is Loved at Last

Kinnari’s alcoholic and belligerent husband, Mahvandad, had just passed away from liver damage. The couple had no children and no relatives nearby; at 59-years-old, Kinnari was alone. No Love in Their Marriage GFA pastor Brirar had met with Kinnari and Mahvandad several times the three years before Mahvandad passed away, seeking to bring harmony and peace to their marriage, but […] Read more »

family can now read and write thanks to literacy programs

Literacy Classes Introduce Family to Jesus

Karpoor watched as dozens of his fellow tea garden workers plucked leaves under the blazing sun. The 40-year-old father of five saw, scattered amongst the verdant bushes, children of various ages working alongside their parents. Too poor to afford school, their children ran around the village or helped pick tea leaves. But Karpoor wanted more for his children; he wanted […] Read more »

widow with cancer finds hope

Rescued from the Train Tracks

Kalyani’s husband died four years ago, leaving her to finish raising their youngest son on her own. Working on a farm, Kalyani struggled to make ends meet. One day, agonizing pain tore through Kalyani’s stomach and she was rushed to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with kidney cancer and immediately performed emergency surgery. During her week-long hospital stay, Kalyani’s niece […] Read more »

In remote villages, radio may be the only chance people have to hear about Christ.

Tuning in to Hope

It was a day like any other for Kaneila. She completed her household tasks, attended to her children’s needs and did what she could to prepare for her husband’s return home from working in the Philippines. As she settled in to listen to her radio, she was drawn by the message of Bishop Antonius Mor Eusebius on a GFA radio […] Read more »

woman receives literacy training through GFA

Literacy Opens Business Opportunities For Woman

Was this the bus Preshti needed? Or was it that one? Visiting her mother in another city always proved to be a challenge for the 45-year-old mother of four. She couldn’t read the signs. Growing Up Illiterate Preshti was among the two-thirds of women in her area who are illiterate. Growing up, Preshti was not able to attend school because […] Read more »

Ruhae is a widow that now takes care of her grandchildren

God’s Peace Comforts a Widow’s Heart

Her son was murdered. Her daughter-in-law and husband both succumbed to illnesses. Ruhae was the last living relative for her grandchildren but at 77-years-old, she knew she wouldn’t live much longer. Who would take care of her young grandchildren, only 12 and 8 years old, when she passed? Hardened by the World That question kept Ruhae up at night as […] Read more »

Getting to Know the ‘Crazy’ Woman

Pastor Surin noticed a woman sitting among the congregation as he led the Sunday worship service—the same woman who had been wandering around the village for some time. She was crazy, people said. Now, for the second week in a row, she had come to Pastor Surin’s church. He decided he needed to meet her. Unraveling a Painful Story As […] Read more »

Couple with sewing machine

A Little Help in Life

Madchen wasn’t earning enough as a laborer. As hard as she tried, the mother of two couldn’t meet the needs of her family. Madchen struggled to provide for her sons and fix their home—all of which she did alone. Providing for Her Family Madchen’s husband had passed away years ago, leaving her to provide for their two sons alone. Whatever […] Read more »

Bodhi now knows how to read and write

Village Learns to Value Education

Kuvira, Sabeena, Aamaal and Binita walked along the dirt road flanked by lush landscape that seemed to embrace them, inviting the four ladies to continue down to the village nestled near the river that flowed just beyond. As the women stepped into the village, however, the welcome feeling vanished. An Unwelcome Entrance The GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion team, clad in […] Read more »

Matali and the sisters of compassion

Dreams of Motherhood Resurrected

Matali’s hand unconsciously lingered over her flat belly, and tears that were eager to be her morning companion sprang up. Two white saris flitted by outside, catching Matali’s eye. She pushed back her dark thoughts and opened her door to follow the women she watched every day. Miscarriage’s Many Visits to Matali Matali had arrived in this village two years […] Read more »

Womens fellowship

Concerned Believer Prays for Dying Widow

Carina watched her neighbor Sahana walk down the road to clean yet another house. Sahana’s frail frame hardly looked capable of helping in someone’s home, yet the determined—and desperate—young woman pushed herself to wash dishes, sweep and tidy up six or seven homes every day. Sahana had married at 13 years old, brought two children into the world and kept […] Read more »