A Troubled Soul Finds Peace

Sisters of Compassion pray over a woman.
A team of Sisters of Compassion, like this one, encouraged and prayed with Kanani (not pictured), whose life was transformed from turmoil to peace.

Kanani’s days were full of turmoil. Life, and her husband, had dealt her blow after blow. Abused and weary, she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. How much more would she have to withstand? How much more could she withstand?

A Life in Turmoil

Every day, Kanani’s husband, Zorba, recklessly spent his meager earnings on alcohol. Every day, he became intoxicated. Every day, he beat her.

It was torture, both physically and mentally. But eventually Zorba had inflicted violence on her his final time. Kanani could bear no more, so she left him.

Kanani was illiterate and a woman, both marks against her in securing a good job or financial independence. With little opportunity to provide for herself, Kanani remarried. But she soon discovered she had escaped from one alcoholic husband only to marry another alcoholic, Oberon.

With a heavy heart, Kanani contemplated her future. What could she do? Was she destined to have a troubled life?

More worries arose from Kanani’s four children. One son had mental health issues that sent him constantly roaming about the village. Both daughters were married, but one had failed to produce children after four years of marriage. In response, the daughter’s in-laws taunted her mercilessly, inflicting pain on her soul.

Kanani worried and fretted. Perhaps she wrung her hands as anxious thoughts grappled in her mind, stealing her peace. Her troubles, and those of her children, weighed heavily upon her.

Later, Oberon became mentally unbalanced and unable to work. Out of necessity, Kanani’s older son had to provide for the family. Would her troubles never cease?

Hope in the Darkness

In the midst of Kanani’s desperation, she happened to meet a team of GFA Sisters of Compassion who were serving in the area. They listened attentively to Kanani’s troubles, showing care and concern. After encouraging Kanani from God’s Word, the Sisters prayed for her family and for God’s intervention.

The Sisters continued to visit Kanani, checking on her, encouraging her and praying for her and her family. God began to work in Kanani and her family, bringing about miraculous changes in their lives.

Soon, Kanani’s daughter who had struggled with infertility conceived and was blessed with a baby boy. This miracle overjoyed Kanani, and she couldn’t help but share the testimony with her neighbors and friends. Hearing about the miracle, some of them became intrigued about the Lord, and a prayer fellowship was birthed, led by the Sisters of Compassion. The group met in Kanani’s home and continually uplifted her husband and son and their healing.

God heard their faithful prayers. Oberon was healed and stopped drinking. He resumed working and providing for the family. Additionally, her son’s mental condition began to improve. Kanani could hardly believe the transformation. Recognizing God’s handiwork and grace in her life, Kanani rid her home of any symbols of the traditional religion she had previously followed and began following Christ, becoming an active participant in the local church.

Divine Protection

One day, disaster struck the area as a massive fire engulfed the homes of two of Kanani’s nearest neighbors. To everyone’s surprise, despite the proximity, Kanani’s house was untouched.

“My God has saved my house,” Kanani told her neighbors.

Once marked by trouble and turmoil, Kanani’s life is now marked by peace and God’s divine protection. Her faith, encouraged by the Sisters of Compassion, continues to grow as she draws nearer to the Lord and tells others of His love.

“I am so very thankful to these Sisters of Compassion who came to my home and told me about Jesus,” Kanani said. “I was in darkness and going through tough times in my life, but after knowing about the living Lord, my life has changed. I found peace in Him.”


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