Radio in Asia

The Gospel is being aired via radio waves all through South Asia with the Gospel for Asia radio programs, reaching into the most remote places. Read amazing stories of redemption as people hear of Christ’s hope, healing, and love.

In remote villages, radio may be the only chance people have to hear about Christ.

Tuning in to Hope

It was a day like any other for Kaneila. She completed her household tasks, attended to her children’s needs and did what she could to prepare for her husband’s return home from working in the Philippines. As she settled in to listen to her radio, she was drawn by the message of Bishop Antonius Mor Eusebius on a GFA radio […] Read more »

Kvanh has his life changed through the radio

Lonely Man Revived by the Turn of a Dial

Kvanh grew up in a harsh mountain climate, toiling away alongside his family to cultivate land for their livelihood. Unable to go to school, Kvanh spent his time studying religious books with his father. When Kvanh was 20, his family pressured him to marry—something he knew he wasn’t ready for, but it was impossible for him to fight against the […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia-supported Radio

Woman Finds Freedom Through Radio

Treatments, medicine, rituals and sacrifices—no matter what Gagana and her husband tried, nothing seemed to work. Spiritual Warfare Gagana and her husband, Shreyars, lived in a rural village in Asia. Farming and agriculture were the primary sources of income for the villagers. The people strictly observed local traditions and practices. Gagana and Shreyars were among the especially devout, visiting shrines […] Read more »

Finding More Than a Song

Mahitha held a small booklet in her hands. The words “God loves you” were printed on the front cover. Although the booklet and the concept were new to her, she had heard those words before. Mahitha looked at the men of God she had taken the booklet from. “I would like you to come to my home and share the […] Read more »

Tough Questions Now Answered

Tajim pondered the truthful but alarming words he heard through the radio speakers. A deep question arose in his heart: If I die today, where will I go? Tajim wanted to learn more about this Jesus he heard spoken about through the program he tuned into. Could Christ rescue him from an eternity of complete separation from God? Seeds Began […] Read more »

Broadcasting Beyond Borders

God works in mysterious ways to express His love to His children and to save them from bondage. One way is through GFA-supported radio stations. Yushan, 25, lived in bondage, but then he heard a radio broadcast. A New Question Day after day, Yushan worked in the jungle to barely make ends meet by cultivating various crops, such as vegetables. His life […] Read more »

The Testimony of a Rejected Daughter

Pallavini is a young woman who is devoted to following and serving Christ. Below is the testimony of how God used a GFA-supported radio program to touch her life. “One day, while I was tuning the radio, my ears stuck to one program that was being aired . . . It was the [GFA-supported] radio program. The whole experience of […] Read more »

Christian radio program in Asia

Radio Vs. Black Magic

“Lord Jesus, if You are the real God, please save our lives.” With a broken heart, a sickly body and attentive ears, Kallol formed these desperate words into a prayer. He was hungry to know this miraculous God he was hearing about through the radio broadcast. Near Death Peace was nowhere to be found within Kallol or his parents. An […] Read more »

What the Herdsman Heard

Dhiman hardly noticed the cows grazing nearby as he listened intently to the words penetrating the quietness of the jungle. While searching for the normal secular programming he usually listened to on his radio, Dhiman stumbled upon an unfamiliar broadcast—one that touched him deeper than other programs or entertaining songs he normally enjoyed. He had never heard this broadcast before, […] Read more »

Radio Magazine

When They Tore His Magazine

A college student named Shalva shares how God comforted him through a Gospel for Asia-supported radio ministry. My name is Shalva. I am a regular listener of [a Gospel for Asia-supported] radio program, which is broadcasted in my own district. One day, as usual, I was listening to the radio program . . . in the morning and went to […] Read more »

Many people in Asia have found hope and healing after calling GFA Radio call centers to receive prayer.

At Death’s Door: Man Places His Hope in a God He Once Despised

Swarit hated Christianity and the principles and values that came with it. Instead, he worked hard to please gods who punished sinners and saved the righteous. He worshiped them devotedly, and he was sure he had earned their favor. With the same faithfulness, Swarit provided for his family. They looked to him as a pillar: He bore the responsibility of […] Read more »

Abilash hung on to the words in the message he heard. When the broadcaster began praying to God for healing, he wholeheartedly joined in

Healed Before the Operation

Abilash lifted up his voice, joining in perfect agreement with the radio broadcaster who was praying intently for the sick. Abilash felt a spark of hope rise up inside as they prayed. Living in Constant Pain Earlier that month, Abilash had fallen and severely injured his backbone. “I was unable to bear the pain,” he explained. “I was unable to […] Read more »

Men find hope in prison

Handwritten Hope

Surrounded by prison walls, Sabrang looked at the blank page and clutched the pen. The words he’d heard on the radio beckoned for him to ask questions. He used the words he could find to express the sorrow he felt. Sabrang sent the letter to the GFA-supported radio follow-up center and waited. It wasn’t long before he got a response […] Read more »

Father calls a GFA Radio program to get prayer for his son who has leukemia.

Firsthand Account of Son’s Miraculous Healing From Cancer

“Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! “I am Jagesh, 35 years old. I have a wife and one son named Taizeen, 4. … In the month of December 2012, Taizeen was affected with a sickness and was bedridden. Since we believed in the healing power of the gods and goddesses, we first […] Read more »

Man Listens to GFA Radio

Mesmerized by the Christians’ Music

Chandrakanta was a faithful follower of his traditional religion, but when he heard the music of the Christians on the radio, he couldn’t stop listening. The first time Chandrakanta listened to Gospel for Asia Radio, he was captivated by the songs’ beautiful melodies. Before he knew it, the singing was over and a speaker had begun to share from the […] Read more »