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Faith Comes by Hearing

Fenil’s two-year-old son, Nandin, had been sick with a high fever for three days, and even with proper treatment his condition did not improve. As a professional driver, Fenil worked hard to provide for his family, but now there was nothing he could do for his suffering son. On the third day of Nandin’s fever, Fenil was driving a school […] Read more »

Christ’s Witness to the Ends of the Jail Cell

As Lakshin spoke, his ragged audience hung on each word, and they felt the Lord speaking to their hearts. This was why they kept coming back for his messages. They weren’t a pious crowd—every one had a criminal record—but the speaker said God would forgive their sins. And, after all, it had to be true; their crimes had landed them […] Read more »

An Unwelcome New Year’s Guest

The new year was on its way, and despite the unusually cold weather, most people were celebrating the holiday. But the shouts and laughter in Ujagar’s home didn’t come from a raucous party. Instead, his family felt more grief than joy as 2013 approached. Earlier that evening, Ujagar’s wife, Tanika, had been attacked by an evil spirit that caused her […] Read more »

Radio Program Brings Hope to Bedridden Man

Although he had grown up regularly attending church with his parents, Kairav had never put his faith in God. Now 70 years old, it didn’t seem like that would ever change. Kairav’s lack of faith was challenged, though, when his health began to fail. His ability to walk decreased with each passing day, and eventually he was not able to […] Read more »

Baby’s Health Failing, Parents Search for Answer

Dharuna and Salaj’s one-and-a-half-year-old son Havish had suffered from several sicknesses and health issues since birth. When Havish came down with pnemonia the second time, Dharuna and Salaj took him to the hospital for treatment. Instead of easing the pain in little Havish’s body, however, the treatments only increased it and caused his hands to start swelling because of the […] Read more »

Sick woman

A Life-Changing Phone Call

The doctors had done all they could, but the outlook was still grim for Kanaka. Medicine was not going to work, and surgery could not offer any kind of hope either. Her kidneys were diseased, and Kanaka knew their failure would result in her death. Kanaka, her husband and their two children decided that ending their lives on their own […] Read more »

‘If I Die, What Would Be Next?’

Ekachith had known the Good News since he was a child, sitting through the Sunday school lessons his parents made him attend. But it never meant anything more to him than it had to his parents—Jesus was someone to acknowledge on Sundays, and that was all. As he grew older, Ekachith stopped caring about even the Sundays. He had a […] Read more »

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Healing for Their Enemies

The message playing over the radio was simply wonderful—a God who died for all mankind! Haady and his family eagerly embraced Christ’s love. Their neighbors, however, had different feelings on the matter. The opposition was strong, but Haady and his family held tightly to their faith, drawing encouragement from communication with the GFA Radio staff and worshiping with a local […] Read more »

Peace on Air?

“Why can’t the god that my father worships change him?” Sai often asked her mother. Sai’s father, a proud and angry drunkard, made her childhood a nightmare. Sai watched him pray to his god faithfully, but he often argued with her mother, sometimes physically abusing her. Sai and her siblings were not spared from the pain, enduring many beatings as […] Read more »

Twice Divorced, Man Finds Hope on Radio

All his life Bimal suffered from intense migraines. Visits to doctors and witchdoctors and any prayers he offered to gods all yielded the same result: nothing. But migraines weren’t even Bimal’s biggest problem. Once, Twice, Three Times a Groom Bimal was unable to father children. As a result, his first wife divorced him. He remarried, but after three years and […] Read more »

Life through the Radio

GFA Radio broadcasts in more than 100 languages throughout South Asia. The following is one letter out of more than one million responses we receive from listeners each year. Dear GFA Radio, Greetings in the name of our Lord. I pray that this ministry may grow in the days to come in spreading the love of God through the radio. […] Read more »

GFA Radio

What the Inmates Heard

Sukir had lived in prison since the time he was a young man. As the years went by, he and his fellow inmates occupied themselves by listening to the radio. But one day, switching through stations, looking for music, they came across something quite unexpected. The Bible story of the prodigal son started playing into the men’s jail cells. It […] Read more »

Listener Praises God for Radio Program

This letter is from a listener of Gospel for Asia Radio. It’s only one out of a million pieces of correspondence GFA Radio receives each year that shows how God is working through this invisible—but powerful—missionary. Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus! I am Amir. I’m 30 years old and come from a nominal Christian family. I […] Read more »