Mesmerized by the Christians’ Music

Man listens to GFA RadioChandrakanta was a faithful follower of his traditional religion, but when he heard the music of the Christians on the radio, he couldn’t stop listening.

The first time Chandrakanta listened to Gospel for Asia (GFA) Radio, he was captivated by the songs’ beautiful melodies. Before he knew it, the singing was over and a speaker had begun to share from the Word of God. He paid as much attention to the message as he had to the songs.

Chandrakanta began listening to GFA Radio whenever he could, and though he held firmly to his religion, he began to respect Jesus Christ.

One day, the speaker said, “If you have faith, then you would see the glory of the Lord.” He went on to share that faith comes from listening to the Word of God.

As Chandrakanta listened, he felt the Lord stirring his heart. When the message was over, he decided to put his trust in Christ.

The Lord gave Chandrakanta the desire to share Christ’s love with others, so he enrolled in a short theological course and began ministering to the people in his village. An unreached language group lives in his area, and he prays that they, too, will know Jesus—maybe by hearing about Him on the radio.

Join Chandrakanta in praying for GFA Radio programming in his neighbors’ language, and find out other ways you can pray for the ministry.

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