Disaster Relief

Every year areas of South Asia are devastated by natural disasters, but praise God through Gospel for Asia, we are able to provide some relief to the hurting people there.

A Flood’s Devastation Leads to a Village’s Celebration

In December, 24 families, all members of a GFA church in Sri Lanka, watched in horror as their homes were flooded by nearly three feet of water. The flood waters raged for 10 days, leaving those affected unable to work and provide for their families. The situation looked uncertain and scary, but through the compassionate care of fellow believers, these […] Read more »

Donations collected for victims of severe Kerala flooding

Soft Hearts, Open Hands for Kerala Flood Victims

August 1 began the worst flooding in 100 years for the state of Kerala, India. As monsoon rains poured down, water levels quickly rose higher each day. Dams that had not been opened in decades filled up to dangerous levels. To release the mounting pressure building up against the dam’s walls, dams were opened. A torrent of accumulated rain water […] Read more »

The Last Tragedy Ended in Hope

The Last Tragedy Ended in Hope

Death. Abandonment. Shame. These conspirators had imprisoned Win Nyunt’s life. She lived with a guilty heart that accused her of all her past mistakes and the decisions she had made that only seemed to lead to other bad decisions. When she endured a barrage of painful events in a span of less than 10 years, she thought all she had […] Read more »

Slum Fire Victims Receive Materials to Rebuild

Slum Fire Victims Receive Materials to Rebuild

On Dec. 7, a massive fire broke out in a South Asian slum, destroying nearly 2,000 shanties—12 of which belonged to believers and 16 to the families of Bridge of Hope students. The fire began after a cylinder holding liquid petroleum gas exploded. The flames spread rapidly as cylinder after cylinder added fuel to the blaze. The local fire department […] Read more »

A 65-year-old lady joyfully receives a winter blanket.

Earthquake Victims Receive Warm Blankets in Time for Winter

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Utpal serves in a village in Nepal that was devastated by the earthquakes in April and May of 2015. Many homes were reduced to rubble, with precious belongings buried underneath the debris—including people’s winter clothes. Six months after the earthquakes, as winter approached, the people of this village struggled because they didn’t have the proper clothing […] Read more »

A Sack of Rice Brings Reassurance

A Sack of Rice Brings Reassurance

The people of Myanmar faced a tragic summer as incessant rain flooded villages and fields and caused landslides that destroyed houses, roads and bridges. GFA-supported Compassion Services teams faithfully served the people of Myanmar throughout the flooding, distributing much-needed relief supplies wherever they could. For one woman, receiving a sack of rice and bottles of cooking oil reassured her of […] Read more »

Earthquake Victims Learn New Marketable Skills

Earthquake Victims Learn New Marketable Skills

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Deepit organized a four-day training seminar to help the people in his community regain financial stability after Nepal’s earthquakes in April and May. Many in Pastor Deepit’s community are unemployed. “After the earthquake,” Deepit said, “many people are in need of basic needs: food, shelter and clothes. They are in financial crisis. [This seminar] is one […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams were able to provide flood relief to more than 2,000 people.

Floods Kill More Than 70 in India and Sri Lanka

Thousands of people are taking temporary shelter in the midst of heavy rainfall that has brought a surge of floodwaters to the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, India, and the neighboring nation of Sri Lanka. More than 70 people have died in India, while 3 have died in Sri Lanka. Many areas have lost power, and people are […] Read more »

Slum Fire Destroys Homes

Slum Fire Destroys Homes

On Nov. 14, a house situated in a slum in Kolkata, West Bengal, caught fire. Because houses in slum areas are built close together, some sharing a wall, the fire spread quickly to the nearby houses. Around 20 homes belonging to Christians were destroyed. Thankfully, no one was injured as the flames turned their homes into ash. No news has […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia-supported workers hosted a free medical camp in a flood-ravaged area.

Medical Camp Helps Community Threatened by Sewage-Contaminated Floodwaters

In late July, heavy monsoon rains inundated many parts of West Bengal, India. The resulting floods killed 50 people. When open sewer drains contaminated the floodwaters, people fell prey to diarrhea, skin diseases and other waterborne illnesses. On August 17, Gospel for Asia-supported workers in West Bengal hosted a free medical camp for flood victims in a community that was […] Read more »

In one city in Myanmar, a landslide destroyed hundreds of homes.

Relief Teams Aid Devastated Communities

Heavy monsoon rains, intensified in some places by Cyclone Komen’s landfall in late July, flooded several regions of India and Myanmar, destroyed thousands of acres of crops, affected millions, left thousands homeless and killed hundreds. In Myanmar alone, more than 100 people perished. As affected regions struggle to rebuild, Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams are doing their best to […] Read more »

Flooding in Myanmar Ruins Crops, Livestock and Homes

Continuous heavy rains in western Myanmar have destroyed thousands of homes and flooded hundreds of acres of paddy fields. Schools and marketplaces have also closed or are submerged in the rising waters. In their struggle to survive, villagers have fled to the hilly areas to make temporary shelter. Food has become scarce, and many are dying from starvation. One Gospel […] Read more »

Landslide Victims Receive Comfort and Aid

In West Bengal, India, landslides and flooding have devastated the land and caused the death of more than 40 individuals in Darjeeling district alone. Farms, livestock and homes are destroyed and roads have been blocked, disabling aid to come in swiftly. In a little hilly village where 60 families live, almost everyone has suffered major loss from the flooding. The […] Read more »

Bible-college students helped organize a blood drive in Nepal.

Students Help Organize Blood Drive in Earthquake-Devastated Nepal

Over the past three months, Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams have distributed rice, lentils, salt, solar-powered lanterns, tarps and many other needed items to earthquake victims in Nepal, but there’s one thing they hadn’t given: their own blood. That changed on July 13, when students and staff of a Bible college in Nepal joined with a local chapter of […] Read more »

About 500 earthquake victims in a hard-hit district received relief from a Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services team.

Hope Shines in Nepal As Teams Bring Relief to Earthquake Victims

After a 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 25 and a 7.3-magnitude earthquake on May 12, the people of Nepal are grieving the loss of more than 8,000 people, and hundreds of thousands are displaced. Motivated by Christ’s love, Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams continue to bring relief to devastated, hard-to-reach areas. Read more about the work they are doing.   […] Read more »