A Sack of Rice Brings Reassurance

A Sack of Rice Brings Reassurance The people of Myanmar faced a tragic summer as incessant rain flooded villages and fields and caused landslides that destroyed houses, roads and bridges. Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Compassion Services teams faithfully served the people of Myanmar throughout the flooding, distributing much-needed relief supplies wherever they could.

For one woman, receiving a sack of rice and bottles of cooking oil reassured her of Christ’s love, especially in her time of need.

Lwin and her husband’s livelihood depended on hill cultivation and the produce from a small vegetable garden. When the rain pounded their village, it left Lwin and her family struggling to get even one meal a day. Though they had worked all season, their months of laboring on the hills produced nothing.

But then a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Compassion Services team came to their village with food that would keep their stomachs filled for a month and allow them more time to get back on their feet without worrying how they would survive.

“My family is poor, and my husband is a drunkard,” Lwin said. “Yearly, my family cannot find enough food from hill cultivation. Especially, we are suffering a lot this year due to heavy rainfall. However, I am so thankful to God for His blessings, love, concern and support. Through [the church’s] work, I realized that we are one in Christ. I thank God, who is my provider and everything.”

Please keep praying for the people of Myanmar as they work to rebuild their lives after the devastating flooding.

Learn more about the flooding that happened earlier this year in the country of Myanmar.

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  1. Shawn

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, soul and love. He is awesome! Believe and trust is a must! When He answers always thank and glorify Him. Praise the Lord!!!!

  2. judith

    God is SO good, perfect love in manifestation, so let’s all be like Him and help others to find the one true God who supplies all our needs if we believe.

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