River Breach Floods 80 Villages

On the evening of June 24, the Brahmaputra River flowed within its banks, carrying its hundreds of thousands of gallons of water south through the Indian state of Assam to the Bay of Bengal. But by the next morning, huge surges of floodwater were engulfing village after village in the nearby plain. The river’s embankment had given way during the night and water from the mighty river, six miles wide in some places, rushed out to consume the homes, land and livestock in its way.

In less than two days, 80 villages were underwater. Residents were evacuated but lost their food and belongings. So far, no deaths have been reported.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries work in several of these flooded villages. They report that at least 12 church buildings are underwater. And a GFA Bridge of Hope center, where 112 children attended, is completely submerged.

“Now only the roof of the building is visible,” reports GFA’s field correspondent.

And the water is still rising. Missionary leaders have attempted to visit the region to completely assess the damage, but were hindered by the high water.

“Communication is totally cut off,” the correspondent adds.

The Christians in these villages all suffered loss and are currently without food.

“Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Assam,” asks Gospel for Asia President K.P. Yohannan, “that the Lord will comfort those who lost everything, that He will protect the lives of everyone in the flood plain, and that those displaced will receive adequate food and drinking water in the aftermath of this flood.

“Pray also for those who do not yet know of the love of God for them, that in the midst of this tragedy they will experience His care in a very personal way.”

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  1. Becky Trinklein

    I am a sponsor for Takin Terangpi, a Gospel for Asia, Bridge of Hope Child, who lives in Assam, India.
    I am very concerned about her welfare, as well as, her family and village’ s welfare at
    this time. After hearing and reading about the terrible flooding in her area where she
    lives, and that I have not written her for some time, I am very anxious and would very
    much appreciate it if someone could get back to me in regards to her
    confirmed safety. Also, to let me know if it is permitted as yet, to send some type of financial
    assistance to her/her family.


  2. GFA

    Hi Becky,
    If you email your questions to info@gfa.org, they should be able to help you!

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