Aids Awareness Rally

Awareness and Education Emphasized for World AIDS Day

Each year, in observance of World AIDS Day on December 1, GFA-supported pastors and Bridge of Hope centers take the opportunity to help inform their communities of the deadly virus and offer ways to prevent its spread. Students, parents, Bridge of Hope staff, pastors and teachers work together to organize educational programs and awareness rallies for their local villages. Educational […] Read more »

Kandhara got free treatment through a medical camp

No Money for Medicine

Enough was enough, the laborers decided. Kandhara’s fellow tea laborers began protesting their working conditions and low pay. As the days turned into weeks and months, the protests continued—which meant no pay for any of the workers, including Kandhara. Limited Resources Kandhara and her husband worked hard, but their combined income was only enough to feed them and their two […] Read more »

leprosy patients receive soap

Washing Hands Saves Lives

According to a 2010 report consolidated by the Centers for Disease Control with information from the World Health Organization, 2,195 children die every day from diarrhea—which is more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. The same report also states diarrheal diseases account for the second-highest cause of death among children under age 5. However, strides have been made to combat […] Read more »

these two orphan girls now have a future thanks to the bridge of hope program

Bridge of Hope Relieves Grandmother, Orphans

Gnana clearly remembers the day her granddaughters moved in. The burden of caring for them became a heavy weight on her elderly frame. At age 70, how was she possibly going to provide for and look after a 3-year-old and a newborn? Less than two months earlier, the little girl’s father had finally succumbed to cancer. His death was a […] Read more »

bridge of hope profile picture

Shy Boy Finds Haven in After-School Program

Ever since Zakif was a boy of just 6 years old, GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center was like his second home. Now, at the age of 13, he is a testimony to the center’s important work in benefiting the children, families and communities it serves. When he first began attending Bridge of Hope, Zakif suffered from poor health. His family […] Read more »

man with bible in front of church

Young Man Discovers Knowing About God Isn’t Good Enough

At the ripe old age of 17, Jasveer knew everything there was to know about God. Growing up in a village where Christianity was common, he knew to attend church and to talk to God right before eating a meal or before drifting off to sleep at night. He knew how God wanted him to behave and how to judge […] Read more »

Boys listening in their class

From Picking Trash to Picking a College

Bir’s village was located in rural fields. Villagers diligently worked the land, which relinquished just enough crops to feed hungry bellies. Chicken farmers even took on a summer crop to supplement their income. Life was difficult there; the word “abundant” was scarcely known. Six-year-old Bir scavenged for usable plastic bags. His parents used them to tote home-grown vegetables to sell […] Read more »

At Gospel for Asia sponsored VBS, angry teenager experienced the forgiveness of Jesus - then extended that forgivness to her parents.

Angry Teenager Finds Forgiveness at VBS

Naija’s family lived in a small remote village that was Christian in name only. She did not know Jesus personally, nor did her family attend church. “Christian” was just a word without meaning to Naija. Sunday School, VBS and Bible stories—so familiar to most Christian kids—were completely foreign to Naija. Naija grumbled as she worked in the field. All her […] Read more »

Twelve-year-old Pastor’s Son Shares Christ with Neighbor Boy

Two worlds collided when Murali and Pranay played together. Although neighbors, the 12-year-old boys lived completely different lives. As their friendship grew, Pranay learned of the struggles Murali’s family faced—struggles Pranay had never known. Pranay had known love and care from his father, a GFA-supported pastor, from the earliest age. Hope and purpose permeated Pranay’s family life and he enjoyed […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope

Finding Purpose Despite Disability

“Why was I born into this world?” That’s a question most children don’t find themselves asking, but Sariah was no ordinary child. The young girl had been unable to walk since birth, and she felt isolated—different. Consumed by Loneliness While her family members were followers of the local traditions, Sariah was especially devout. Often the young girl rebuked her siblings […] Read more »

Trapped in a Vice

“Do not be deceived, ‘Evil company corrupts good habits.’” —1 Corinthians 15:33 For Rikhil, this Bible verse epitomized most of his teenage years. The Allure of Drink Growing up, Rikhil was a humble and obedient son at home and at school. He exemplified good character and morals—until he fell into the wrong crowd. At the tender age of 12, Rikhil […] Read more »

Girl with Speech Deficiency Lives for Something Bigger

Naina was much like any other young girl in her village, but there was one life-long struggle that set Naina apart: She was speech impaired. Multiple times, the other children at school laughed and made fun of Naina for her speech impediment. Girls would giggle at her when she tried to answer a question in class. Teachers Worry About Naina’s […] Read more »

Girl Rescued from Fear

Aabha’s dad, Edom, came home every evening from work drunk, miserable that he could only make a meager amount of money. In desperation to get more money, Edom also gambled. Because Edom got drunk, he would abuse his family to get his way, so Aabha’s mother and three sisters lived in fear. Though they wanted to beg Edom to stop […] Read more »

Thriving Graduate Aims to Become a Teacher

Aayush didn’t study. How could he when his father disrupted the entire household in his drunken state? He watched as his mother endured continual verbal abuse and beatings executed by his intoxicated dad. School just didn’t seem important to distraught Aayush or to his troubled family. Besides—they couldn’t afford it. Aayush was a distressed little boy. The tussles and unrest […] Read more »

Frustration Replaced by Joy

Hamsa had a choice between pursuing the pleasures of the world and going to church. As she grew older, she invited negative influences into her life and gradually stopped attending Sunday School. Would she discover joy in Christ? Diligence Wears Off When Hamsa was a child, she diligently attended Sunday School. Although her parents attended church on Sundays, they never […] Read more »