Bhagya is happy now that she has bridge of hope

Learning Manners Through Mathematics

Nine-year-old Bhagya hated school. Between the shame imposed on her family because of her father’s drinking and her difficulty understanding and concentrating on her fourth-grade study materials, Bhagya didn’t want to go to school. She frequently stayed home, her homework unfinished. In addition to poor school skills, Bhagya did not have good manners, and neither did her parents and siblings. […] Read more »

Children in slums are now being taught basic hygiene like washing their hands.

GFA Workers Teach Inmates, Children Proper Hygiene Tips

What do a group of prisoners, slum dwellers and street and school children in various regions of South Asia have in common? The answer is simple, yet deadly: the lack of proper handwashing practices. People living in congested jails[1] or on the streets[2] generally lack adequate hygiene practices. Couple this with a severe lack of hygiene facilities, and the risk […] Read more »

Sunday school provides hope and laughter to a girl in need.

Sunday School Teaches Fearful Girl Courage

The squeals of laughter and songs of joy drifting from the other side of the gate intrigued Qia, but she was too frightened to pass through the entrance and discover their source. She could only summon enough courage to peer through the small gate, her view partially blocked. When the woman inside noticed Qia and called out to her, inviting […] Read more »

Jalpa now has a hope for a better future thanks to Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope Helps Break the Cycle of Hunger

The pains of hunger gnawed at 14-year-old Jalpa. She could barely focus on the day’s lessons. Another stomach growl, another stab of pain. The lesson became muddled with that of yesterday, swirling into a confusing mess. It almost seemed not worth attending school like this. Jalpa’s stomach growled again, drowning out her thoughts. Lacking Food, Hope Jalpa and her family […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope student

Selling Gourds and Finding Life Purpose

Another long day of peddling vegetables came and went for Sadru. He had been doing his best to support his family—a wife and two young children—with his vegetable selling, but it just wasn’t cutting it. His heart was burdened with the knowledge that, in spite of all the wonderful schools nearby, he could not afford to enroll his 12-year-old daughter, […] Read more »

bridge of hope student now has hope for the future

Bridge of Hope Helps Girl Rekindle Hope for Her Future

Rachana, 14, had made up her mind: She would quit school to work and help support her parents and brother. She knew it was the right thing to do; her family needed the extra income to survive. Besides, her parents could no longer afford to purchase the notebooks and pencils she needed for school anyway. She had dreamed of becoming […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope graduate is now a teacher

Saved from Child Marriage by Bridge of Hope Staff

As 13-year-old Krupa approached her family home, she became confused. People flocked around. Why were there so many? Who were they? Spotting her mother, Krupa inquired about the crowd. But her mother dodged the question. Just follow any instruction you might receive, she said. Krupa’s confusion gave way to fear when she realized her parents were preparing her wedding. Not […] Read more »

girls riding bicycles

Girl’s Accident Brings Unexpected Blessing

Cars, rickshaws, and bicycles whizzed by Rajalmati as she made her way home from school. The 16-year-old girl didn’t mind walking through the maze of traffic to and from school every day, even when she saw her friends riding on bicycles or in cars. Rajalmati’s parents tried their best to provide for her education, but they couldn’t afford to give […] Read more »

Happy boy now sings

Mute Boy’s Song Brings Healing to Family

Light strains of music could be heard outside the building. Inside, dozens of children sang and danced, following their teacher’s, Parbatie, lead. As Parbatie swept her eyes across the singing children, they paused on one boy in particular. Was Satyesh really singing? Surprise mingled with joy filled Parbatie, and she rushed to call Satyesh’s mother and the local GFA pastor. […] Read more »

bridge of hope student now wants to be a teacher

From Truant Student to Future Teacher

There was simply too much homework … and none of it made sense! Siji would rather stay home feigning sickness than go to school and suffer her teachers’ scolding and scowls. She hadn’t finished the work they expected of her, and today’s lessons would probably be just as confusing, so what was the point? She might as well stay home […] Read more »

Nabhi now has a brighter future thanks to Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope Provides for Family in Need

By the time Nabhi was 8 years old, she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, a blood disorder and a genetic defect causing a hole in her heart. Nabhi had experienced much physical suffering in her young life. Her parents, Jayanti and Padmai, worried about their daughter and feared they would not be able to afford her medical treatments. […] Read more »

young Divena pictured in front of her tent where she and her brother lived alone

Neglected Girl Replaces Mud Canvas with Paper, Pencils

The tarp walls of Divena’s home could not contain the sound of her mom and dad’s constant arguments. When her mother suddenly left to be with another man, the house fell silent. Three-year-old Divena and her older brother never saw their mother again. Divena’s father, a truck driver, left the children home alone for weeks at a time because of […] Read more »

Young Saloni heard the story that changed her life

Learning Obedience Instead of Swear Words

Foul words flew from Saloni’s mouth shaped like arrows pointed at her father, Laksh. Hot with anger at his young teen’s continual insolence, Laksh put his foot down and disciplined Saloni. But receiving the consequences of her actions only drove Saloni into sullenness. The 13-year-old withdrew, refusing to eat for an entire day. Laksh tried to talk with his daughter […] Read more »

Jamar struggled to provide for his wife and daughters

Medical Care Brought Near

Jamar and Evelyn were fortunate to be working. Income as a driver and schoolteacher kept their family of four floating above the extreme poverty line that so many of their neighbors were submerged under. The rural area where Jamar and his family lived was lush with tea plantations and family farms. The markets were filled with eggs, chicken and meat […] Read more »

Aids Awareness Rally

Awareness and Education Emphasized for World AIDS Day

Each year, in observance of World AIDS Day on December 1, GFA-supported pastors and Bridge of Hope centers take the opportunity to help inform their communities of the deadly virus and offer ways to prevent its spread. Students, parents, Bridge of Hope staff, pastors and teachers work together to organize educational programs and awareness rallies for their local villages. Educational […] Read more »