Girl Receives Help to Pursue a Future in Dentistry

Woman is now a dentist thanks to the child sponsorship program from GFA World.
Neoma, thanks to her enrollment in a child sponsorship center, was able to pursue a career in dentistry.

This was it: the moment Neoma had waited for. At long last, after years of hard work and determination, her dream was finally being realized. The young woman was finally preparing for a future in dentistry—a future made possible in part because of GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program.

The Desire to Give Them a Better Life

Even when Neoma was a child, education was an important aspect of her life. She studied hard and shone in the classroom, which may have encouraged her parents to continue putting her through school. They did their best to ensure Neoma’s and her siblings’ needs were provided for—but it was difficult. As daily laborers, Neoma’s parents earned barely enough to put her and her siblings through school. They wanted their children to have something more, something better, than what they had.

To grasp that better tomorrow, though, Neoma and her siblings needed the appropriate education, which their parents could not afford. They needed help; without it, Neoma’s dream of obtaining higher education might not be realized.

Then, Neoma’s parents heard of a program that provided tutoring and care to children and assistance for families in need. And the best part? It was free.

Not long after that, Neoma was enrolled in the local GFA World Child Sponsorship Program.

Her Future for the Taking

Enrolling in the sponsorship program was just the opportunity Neoma had needed. Through the program, she had the support and direction she needed to truly flourish. Neoma did not need to worry about affording school supplies, getting proper nutrition or buying school uniforms. The program provided all that and more.

As the years passed, Neoma continued to score top marks in all areas of her education. She participated in awareness programs, celebrations and special days organized by the program staff, excitedly joining along with the other children.

After her graduation from the child sponsorship program, Neoma enrolled in a local medical institute, where she began her four-year journey to become a dentist. Neoma’s and her parents’ hard work had paid off. The support Neoma received in the program was just the help she needed to attain her desired future.


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