Father’s Death Shakes Up Daughter’s Life


Rahu maneuvered his school bus filled with children through the streets of his town. He made his way down dirt roads, swerving every now and then to miss potholes, animals and items lying on the street. Even with Rahu’s expert handling, something pierced one of the bus’s tires and deflated it quickly.

Rahu stopped the school bus and went to fetch the spare tire that was bolted to the roof of the bus. He called to his helper to toss up a screwdriver so he’d be able to unfasten the tire. But when Rahu attempted to catch the thrown tool, he unknowingly grabbed hold of the 11,000 volt electric wire that was just above him instead, killing him on the spot.

That was the last day of Rahu’s life—and the beginning of his daughter Rupashi’s days of depression.

A Daughter’s Grief

Rahu’s death left a deep void in 12-year-old Rupashi’s life. She had loved her father and spent many days in tears because she missed him. All the happiness and hope she had once felt died the day her father passed away.

She lost the desire to keep living. She stopped going to school and the Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center she attended. She languished without her father there to appreciate and encourage her.

“This situation was slowly leading her toward a silent death,” explained a GFA field correspondent.

No More Tears

The Bridge of Hope staff began to visit Rupashi and her family. They prayed with and counselled them, taking every opportunity to fill them back up with the hope of Christ.

Eventually, Rupashi returned to school and the Bridge of Hope center. The teachers at the center nurtured and encouraged her. The fog of depression began to lift, and Rupashi discovered a love for life again. She began to excel in her studies. Today, she sings and dances and loves to help others and make sure they are just as happy as she is.


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  1. Claudia Roberts

    How blessed to hear of the beautiful fruit you see from your work there as the Lord uses you in India and beyond… you are in our prayers and we are honored to be a small part of this work of God Claudia

  2. Tseganesh Hailu

    i am so happy for you are happy God is good and he blessed to every body i will pray for you all the time till Jesus coming

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