Be encouraged as you watch these videos from the mission field. God is moving in mighty ways, and video gives us a different way to see glimpses of His glory being revealed to those in Asia.

From The Heart of a Mom

This mom is making an impact Corie, a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope sponsor, shares her story in this short video. As we see her perspective as a mom sponsoring children across the world and involving her own children in this decision, it places before us even more reasons why investing in something that has lasting results…eternal results…is not […] Read more »

Forgotten Islands Now Reached

   Forgotten Islands… Life on the islands of South Asia is very secluded – lacking even the basic items that we would consider absolute neccessities. The islanders live day to day, often with no hope of their circumstances ever improving. Hopelessness is the perfect way to describe them.   …Forgotten no longer Yet because of your support, 18 national missionaries […] Read more »

Women Missionaries: Offering Hope

Why Women Missionaries? In many Asian cultures, it is wrong for a woman to interact with a man who is not her husband. That is why a woman missionary is the perfect solution! Each woman missionary already lives in Asia. In preparation for ministry, she has gone through three years of intensive ministry training. She knows the cultural taboos instinctively. […] Read more »

Eight Sisters Change Family Legacy

  Indrani’s childhood habits were drinking, smoking and gambling. “I learned these things from my parents, but now Jesus has redeemed me from my bad habits,” this mother of eight girls joyfully shares. A New Legacy Indrani’s eight daughters, due to the family’s poverty, roamed the streets of their slum village and got into trouble. They couldn’t afford to go to school. […] Read more »

Desperation for Clean Water

  Clean water or dirty water? That sounds like a ridiculous question to all of us, yet the reality is that many people in the world don’t have the choice between clean and dirty water. For many in Asia, safe, clean water is hard to come by. Confined to stagnant ponds, filthy rivers, and rusty wells, these people are struggling daily […] Read more »

Chicks for Children – Xiaoyun

  “God says we are supposed to help those in need. How often do people go and buy new  clothes? $11 is not a big deal. $11 can provide chickens for the families in Asia, so they have not only food, but also an income from selling any excess eggs that are produced. I want to raise enough money to […] Read more »

Blue the Biosand Water Filter

  BioSand Water Filters Millions of people in South Asia live without access to an adequate, safe and clean water supply. They are among the many that rely on muddy pond water for all their needs. Introduce Biosand water filters! These all-natural filtration devices remove harmful substances and produce clear, clean drinking water. They don’t need electricity so they’re perfect […] Read more »

Be Inspired to Pray

  Join us and lift up your voice Now is your chance to take part in a powerful opportunity to intercede with us on behalf of the millions who have never heard Christ’s name. ʺPraying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with perseverance and supplication.ʺ – Ephesians 6:18 Pray with the GFA […] Read more »

Angeline’s Story: Before and After

At just 10 years old, Angeline has already suffered the anguish of losing both of her parents. Her mother died from AIDS when Angeline was only four, then her father abandoned her. At age six her grandmother died and she was taken in by her uncle and aunt. You can imagine Angeline’s fear when her aunt became sick – would yet another person […] Read more »

3 Minutes in a Dalit Village

The word Dalit literally means “broken”, “crushed” or “oppressed”. In Hindu society, Dalits are at the lowest rung of the ladder. The vast majority of them are impoverished, exploited and powerless to change their fate. Considered to be polluted or unclean, they are called “Untouchables”. If they were to touch someone of a higher caste, the upper-caste person would supposedly […] Read more »

Real Life Hero

  Would you sacrifice everything you knew and loved to live in a slum in South Asia? By definition, a slum is a densely urban area marked by extreme poverty, filth and social tension. Life in the slums of South Asia is filled with scavenging, begging, bonded labor, and hopelessness.   So why would this missionary choose to give it […] Read more »