Forgotten Islands Now Reached


 Forgotten Islands…

Life on the islands of South Asia is very secluded – lacking even the basic items that we would consider absolute neccessities. The islanders live day to day, often with no hope of their circumstances ever improving. Hopelessness is the perfect way to describe them.


…Forgotten no longer

Yet because of your support, 18 national missionaries have taken the leap of faith and started a ministry on these islands. The fruit of their labors is evident – over 66 fellowships have been started on 44 of the islands! We encourage you to really watch this brief video telling the story of these brave men who are sold out to follow the Lord at any cost. We pray that it will excite and motivate you to continue supporting national missionaries with your finances and more importantly, your prayers.

Interested in how to support a strong worker for the kingdom? Find out here!


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