Clean Water

Water-borne illnesses run rampant in areas where the only source of water is a filthy pond or dried up well, read the stories of how providing clean water through Gospel for Asia changes lives.

Gospel for Asia, Clean Water

Blocked from the Water

Imagine you live in a village. You are a farmer, and your life and livelihood revolve around the use of water. You share one water source with all your neighbors. It is the only relatively clean source of water for many miles. Suddenly, you are no longer allowed to collect water from there because you believe in Jesus Christ. What […] Read more »

Clean water provided to village in crisis by Gospel for Asia supported field workers.

Jesus Well Quenches Family’s Strife

Vatsala, 24, fervently prayed for her husband’s anger to subside. There never seemed to be any peace in her young family. Always on edge, Vatsala constantly waited for Sukumar’s next outburst. Her husband’s verbal abuse heaped shame on her head. Vatsala used to fight back. Husband and wife would yell through the house, tearing away any harmony in the family. […] Read more »

No More Morning Secrets

Balab woke up before sunlight broke through the morning sky. Other believers in his village had to do the same. Balab dipped his bucket in the public well and trudged home. He needed water for his family but couldn’t be caught in the act of collecting it—he and the other Christians were banned from the public water source. Meeting a […] Read more »

Water Moves Two Miles Closer

Maina and her family were affected by water scarcity in their village. Enduring the heat of the day, they walked more than two miles anytime they needed fresh water. Maina began to wonder if she would ever see relief, so she began to pray. Enduring Thirst Maina, her son and her husband lived among 200 other families in a remote […] Read more »

Clean Water in a Dry Village

Clean Water in a Dry Village

Pastor Paavak could not turn a blind eye from the needs he saw in the village he served in. After seeing families and individuals in his community thirst for a clean water source, he decided to act. In 2013, the GFA-supported pastor ministered in an Asian village that had 150 homes spread out over a vast area. The main water […] Read more »

Drinking from a Pig Pond

Sabeena watched clean water trickle out of the BioSand water filter. Impressed by how well the rocks and sand within the cement structure cleaned the water of impurities, she immediately wondered—could her family have one, too? Water was a painful component of life. Due to her husband’s bad reputation, she felt too ashamed to ask for help from others. Using […] Read more »

Drinking from the Smelly Pond

Can you imagine living in a land where there is no proper source of water? What would you do? How would you gather enough water for your needs? Tasks like washing dishes, bathing, cooking and simply drinking water would become a problem you’d have to face every day. This is reality for the men and women in one Asian village. […] Read more »

A Jesus Well relieves water shortage

No Longer Fighting for Water

It had been the same pattern, day after day. People crowding around the water, arguing and quarreling over the precious but limited supply. No one wanted to be late to work or, even worse, go home with an empty bucket. Villagers Lack Sufficient Water Obvious distinctions could be seen between families in Malik’s village, especially in regard to water. Those […] Read more »

BioSand water filters help lower hospital bills by giving people clean, disease-free water.

Dirty Water and Hospital Bills

Kalyan watched as the two Gospel for Asia-supported pastors cleaned and inspected his BioSand water filter. The precious gift Kalyan had received only two years earlier changed his family’s life. Filtered Through a Mustard Oil Tin Dysentery, jaundice and diarrhea: Kalyan’s family used to suffer from these and other waterborne diseases often. The bacteria-filled water they used for their daily […] Read more »

BioSand water filters purify dirty water to provide families with desperately needed clean water.

Her Grandchildren Desperately Needed Clean Water

Murky water. That was the prize Kenga brought home from the next village. Despite taking a significant amount of time out of her day to fetch water, the water she got was barely worth drinking. This widow and her three adult sons struggled to make ends meet. She worked as a housemaid, and her sons worked as farm laborers when […] Read more »

Pure Water from a Cement Block

Rotten teeth and stomachaches were what awaited poor families in Vatya’s village with every drink of water. The water in their village is filled with pollution, but they drank it for years. While the wealthy could purchase clean water, those who didn’t have the extra money had no choice but to consume the dirty village water. Vatya and his family […] Read more »

Clean Water and a Cup of Hope

Gratitude swept through the crowds as families received their new water filters. “Thank you very much for this valued present for the survival of my family,” one recipient responded. After the flooding that had devastated their water source, recovery now seemed possible. Flooding and Diseases The flooding this region had experienced was very destructive, causing many villages’ water sources to […] Read more »

Love Found in a Well

In the midst of farmlands lies a little village. A Jesus Well stands in the distance, pouring out fresh water, free to all who pass by. It wasn’t always like this. Water pumps scattered here and there along the roadway were unreliable and scarce. The people in the village suffered for 12 years from water shortages. They moaned under this […] Read more »

Woman with bucket at Jesus Well

A Load Off Their Backs

A team of contractors hired by Gospel for Asia drilled a Jesus Well in a parched village of Nepal in August 2013, alleviating chronic thirst, diseases and backaches. The new Jesus Well, drilled at the request of local GFA pastor Deepankar, provides clean water for villagers to use. It is available for everyone, regardless of age, caste or religious preferences, […] Read more »

The villagers suffered. They had no clean water to scrub their dishes or to quench their thirst. So a GFA pastor began praying for a Jesus Well.

Clean Water, Healing for a Suffering Village

The villagers suffered. They drew water from a murky reservoir—murky water to wash their bodies, murky water to scrub their dishes, murky water to quench their thirst, and no one knew Christ. Jabbar, 50, and his wife, Sachi, 45, suffered like the rest of the villagers, but Sachi even more so. Severe pain shot through her stomach. It hurt so […] Read more »