Desperation for Clean Water

  Clean water or dirty water? That sounds like a ridiculous question to all of us, yet the reality is that many people in the world don’t have the choice between clean and dirty water. For many in Asia, safe, clean water is hard to come by. Confined to stagnant ponds, filthy rivers, and rusty wells, these people are struggling daily […] Read more »

Blue the Biosand Water Filter

  BioSand Water Filters Millions of people in South Asia live without access to an adequate, safe and clean water supply. They are among the many that rely on muddy pond water for all their needs. Introduce Biosand water filters! These all-natural filtration devices remove harmful substances and produce clear, clean drinking water. They don’t need electricity so they’re perfect […] Read more »

From Wine to Water

Being poor never kept Sadhana and Edhas from a party lifestyle: They sold wine for a living and drank without restraint at home. The couple’s addiction to alcohol was matched only by their devotion to drugs and their many gods. But their lives were about to be turned upside down by something completely mundane: water. Like millions in South Asia, […] Read more »

Clean Water for 30 Families

As a teacher, Aadi had to watch the children at his remote village school drink and wash with dirty water. He knew the bad effects of polluted water, but there was no way to purify it and make it safe for the children in his school’s care. But that changed with one special day—and 30 BioSand water filters. Gospel for […] Read more »

Prisoner Tastes Fresh Water for the First Time in Eight Years

Prisoner Tastes Fresh Water for the First Time in Eight Years

Inmates of a South Asian prison received a never-ending supply of clean water when Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries gave them BioSand water filters in celebration of World Water Day, which took place March 22. Manav Banjeree, an inmate serving a life sentence, spoke on behalf of the 172 others living behind bars. “I have been here in the jail for eight […] Read more »

Jesus Well Ends Thirsty Walk Home

Water scarcity currently affects four out of every 10 people in the world, and it’s expected to escalate in the coming years. With this tremendous need for clean water, Gospel for Asia is drilling Jesus Wells in areas with no source of fresh water. Shriya is one of those who was helped through the installation of a Jesus Well. The […] Read more »

Jesus Wells Solve Village Leader’s Problems

Poojan Manasi had many ideas for developing the village he lived in. As the village chief, he was in charge of solving all the problems in his area, so he set out to tackle each issue starting with the village’s lack of clean water. Poojan sought and received government permission to dig wells in his village, but after installing three […] Read more »