Water-borne illnesses run rampant in areas where the only source of water is a filthy pond or dried up well, read the stories of how providing clean water through Gospel for Asia changes lives.

Drinking from the Smelly Pond

Can you imagine living in a land where there is no proper source of water? What would you do? How would you gather enough water for your needs? Tasks like washing dishes,…

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These men and women received new BioSand water filters at the distribution conducted by Pastor Dayala. These water filters will turn their stagnant, foul-smelling pond water into a healthy, clean glass of water

No Longer Fighting for Water

It had been the same pattern, day after day. People crowding around the water, arguing and quarreling over the precious but limited supply. No one wanted to be late to work or,…

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Jesus Wells, like this one, provide villages across Asia with clean water and a daily reminder of God’s love.

Dirty Water and Hospital Bills

Kalyan watched as the two Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors cleaned and inspected his BioSand water filter. The precious gift Kalyan had received only two years earlier changed his family’s life. Filtered…


Pure Water from a Cement Block

Rotten teeth and stomachaches were what awaited poor families in Vatya’s village with every drink of water. The water in their village is filled with pollution, but they drank it for years.…

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Clean Water and a Cup of Hope

Gratitude swept through the crowds as families received their new water filters. “Thank you very much for this valued present for the survival of my family,” one recipient responded. After the flooding…


Love Found in a Well

In the midst of farmlands lies a little village. A Jesus Well stands in the distance, pouring out fresh water, free to all who pass by. It wasn’t always like this. Water…


A Load Off Their Backs

A team of contractors hired by Gospel for Asia (GFA) drilled a Jesus Well in a parched village of Nepal in August 2013, alleviating chronic thirst, diseases and backaches. The new Jesus…

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Drinking Salty Water

Ghalib poured salty water from the container in his home. This was normal for his entire village. They all struggled with drinking the water because of the high level of salt within…