Clean Water, Healing for a Suffering Village

Clean Water, Healing for Suffering VillageThe villagers suffered. They drew water from a murky reservoir—murky water to wash their bodies, murky water to scrub their dishes, murky water to quench their thirst, and no one knew Christ.

Jabbar, 50, and his wife, Sachi, 45, suffered like the rest of the villagers, but Sachi even more so. Severe pain shot through her stomach. It hurt so bad she underwent surgery twice to alleviate the pain. Neither surgery worked.

One day, while in a neighboring village, Sachi caught the sound of voices praying. She went to the church of Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Mrigesh, and he prayed for her. He later shared with her and her family about Jesus and His great love, and as he continued praying for Sachi’s healing, the Lord healed her!

As Pastor Mrigesh came to know how the village suffered from dirty water, he also began praying for an opportunity to drill a Jesus Well nearby. The Lord answered through the generosity of believers around the world.

A Jesus Well now pumps fresh water for Jabbar and Sachi’s village. They have clean water to wash their bodies, clean water to scrub their dishes and clean water to quench their thirst.

Through what the Lord did, Jabbar and Sachi and another family saw His love for them and decided for themselves to trust in Him. They gather for weekly worship services, and other villagers join them for regular prayer meetings.

What’s more, through the Jesus Well and Pastor Mrigesh’s ministry, all 600 families in the village have the opportunity to know Jesus loves them.


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  1. James

    I can’t imagine not having water source clean and healthy I pray that the fire of Gods wrath embellishes a movement for the sake of these people In need. They may not know everything we know I just pray they receive the sake and hope filled prophecy of a future for them with clean water and clean resources to fire a change in the future of their claim to Gods Kingdom. Every person plays a part no matter who they are. I pray God moves mightily for them in their situation and commitment to faith and prayer for calm and healthy happy resources. I pray they get healed mightily by the Holy Spirit today and for every future day to come for their lives into the Kingdom of Heaven may they blessed with the courage to embark and respobond to Gods calling for their need and future mercy. Heal them God give the blessing and rejuvenation through your Holy Spirit and be with them always. Commit to their everyday moments and everyday advansment for courage to have faith and be blessed in You Father in Jesus name.

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