A Well for Strangers

Clean water - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanRatnakar lived only a few miles from the local church, but he’d never seen such a large crowd around it as there was that day. As he got closer to see what was happening, Ratnakar just became more confused.

The crowd was gathered around a well, and someone was announcing that the well belonged to the whole village—that anyone, without hesitation, could take water from the “Jesus Well” at any time.

Ratnakar listened intently to the rest of the program, but he still couldn’t make sense of why Christians would share the well with the entire community. The town had 5,000 people in it. Only 62 were members of the church.

After the program, Ratnakar found Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Jalendra and asked him the question burning in his mind: “Why are Christians doing this charitable work even though they do not know this community?”

Pastor Jalendra answered Ratnakar’s question by telling him about Jesus and His great love for the whole world. As he listened to this Good News, Ratnakar felt great peace in his heart, and he asked Pastor Jalendra to come to his house.

Pastor Jalendra agreed and began visiting with Ratnakar’s family often, teaching them from the Bible and demonstrating Christ’s love. Gradually, the whole family made the decision to follow Jesus with all their hearts.

Now, when Ratnakar sees an activity happening at the local church, he doesn’t have to wonder what’s going on because his whole family attends it regularly—and they know the love that motivates every event.

Find out how you can pray for Jesus Wells and other clean water initiatives like the one at Ratnakar’s church.

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  1. ladymaggie

    Today I asked Jesus for seed to sow that i may give out living water as well….

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