Miles of Pain for a Dirty Drink

Women getting clean water from a Jesus WellEveryone in the area knew the familiar sight of women and girls trudging for miles along parched land, searching for water. Almost as familiar were the complaints of joint pain most of the women suffered.

After miles of carrying full water containers back to their villages, agony burned through the women’s shoulders, hips and knees. Even then, they couldn’t refresh themselves with a drink because the water was too dirty to drink without treatment. And despite their crude filters, the villagers were still plagued by waterborne illnesses.

Most of the men couldn’t help their wives because they had already left town. The drought had dried up all the local crops and destroyed the economy, forcing men to find work elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the women cared for their children, tended the livestock, cleaned their homes, cooked daily meals and collected whatever water they could find.

When Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Tarit told his leaders about the water crisis, they sent someone to see what could be done for the village. They soon decided to drill a Jesus Well.

On the day the well was inaugurated, the drought was still in full force, but for the first time since the land had dried up, everyone had refreshing, clean water to drink. The villagers were overjoyed, and they expressed their gratitude to the church.

“The entire village had an awesome experience of God’s goodness and His great provision through this endeavor,” said a Gospel for Asia (GFA) correspondent. “Praise God for His mighty acts.”

Hear from a field correspondent about how a Jesus Well helped another village with no nearby water source.

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