Drinking the Water That Killed Their Livestock

Family gathers water at a Jesus Well - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanEkanath walked up to the open well and peered over the edge, gazing down inside. What he would normally see as a clear reflection of his face was now a grimy glare of green water and worms below.

Ekanath sighed as he turned away from the dirty well and looked off down the road. He now braced himself for the mile walk to the next water source: the canal.

The canal was used for agriculture, laundry, bathing and cleaning livestock, but it was now the only source for drinking water since the well was unusable. The villagers became sick and their livestock began to die one by one.

When Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Boro Rai heard about the village’s situation, he requested a Jesus Well be put in the village. Last year, it was drilled in an area easily accessible to 20 families and others who come to the well.

Two months later, Pastor Boro Rai also had a bathroom facility built near the well so the families could take proper baths and use a proper toilet.

The village head was astonished at the church’s generosity. With thankful hearts, more than 50 families come and use the well and bathroom facility.

Although waterborne illnesses have left the village, the people now ask Pastor Boro Rai to pray for every other sickness, and they listen as he eagerly shares the Good News of Jesus Christ.

See how a Jesus Well fulfilled a desperate need in this remote village.

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