Persecution Reports

The Persistence of Lovingkindness

Even though Sidak displayed kindness, Manali would not budge. She did not approve of his choices in life or his new God. Manali did everything she could to oppose Sidak and his friends, until one day when she was hospitalized. A Mother’s Prejudice Having been raised in a home that devoutly worshiped different deities, Manali strongly opposed Christianity. She had […] Read more »

He could have face persecution.

Risking His Life to Save It

Oorjit’s community was strongly devoted to every tradition, ritual and rule of their religion—and performing honor killings against anyone who wasn’t. Yet for all Oorjit’s devotion to his gods, he and his family could never find peace or happiness. For two years, Oorjit had suffered from a stomach ache so severe that the 20-year-old would scream in agony, rolling on […] Read more »

New Believers Persecuted for Faith

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Dipal ministers in an area dominated by devout followers of a traditional Asian religion. There are three temples in just one village he visits. The strict religiosity did not keep Dipal from sharing the love of Christ with the villagers, though. Many of them were interested in the literature Dipal gave to them, and they invited […] Read more »