The Persistence of Lovingkindness

Even though Sidak displayed kindness, Manali would not budge. She did not approve of his choices in life or his new God. Manali did everything she could to oppose Sidak and his friends, until one day when she was hospitalized.

A Mother’s Prejudice

Having been raised in a home that devoutly worshiped different deities, Manali strongly opposed Christianity. She had no desire to learn about any other faith, and she showed hostility toward the Christians in her community. Even though her son Sidak was aware of his mother’s opinions, he responded to the love shown to him by believers in his area and believed in Jesus. When Manali learned about her son’s newfound faith, she scolded him and became determined to disrupt any services he was part of and make life complicated for his church family.

Kindness Met with Cruelty

When a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported worker kindly spoke of Jesus to Manali, she was cruel to him and wouldn’t listen. Instead she issued threats and angry words. Manali sought ways to eliminate the church. She went to the police and asked them to arrest the Christians. She went to their gatherings to disrupt them and did her best to be a nuisance.

Although Manali strongly opposed the believers, Sidak and his church family remained consistent in praying every day for Manali. They were kind to her whenever they had the opportunity. Sidak knelt before the Lord often and prayed for his mother’s heart to be changed. He longed for peace in his relationship with her. The answer to his daily prayers came in an unexpected form.

Softened Heart

Manali fiercely opposed the believers in her community—including her son—until she was hospitalized and they cared for her.

One day, Manali began to have trouble breathing. After a short while, the problem worsened. Manali was admitted to the hospital when she started gasping for air. She suffered from severe asthma and had to be on oxygen. Her son and the believers visited her at the hospital, caring for her and praying for her healing. In most hospitals in that part of the world, patients’ families are expected to bring meals and take care of their loved ones. The very people she vehemently opposed were now taking care of her.

Manali was in a vulnerable position, and her heart began to soften towards those she previously opposed. The kind people continued to love her in spite of her cruelty, and this left a lasting impression on her.

After seeing the consistent acts of compassion, Manali’s heart began to soften toward the Christians. Thanks to Sidak’s faithfulness, Manali herself eventually asked for prayer. Sidak rejoiced to see a change in her heart. Eventually, her condition improved, and she was able to leave the hospital. As a result of the loving kindness of her son and his church family, she believed in Jesus and plans to be kind toward her fellow believers.

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  1. lEONARD

    Praise God for showing her errors of her wAY!

  2. Danny

    The Tenderness of the Holy Spirit has embrace How much time we have in Christ ? His love is part of our refuge that shelters our destinations to be more and more like him. His love is like a road that leads to salvation. We are the People here in this world to do what is right more than being wrong ? Always be vigilant and stay steadfast at the mention of our savior Jesus Christ. He is the light that shines the way to the cross without looking back. I will keep praising his name day and night as I walk in his footsteps to be more and more like him. He removes us from the forbidden depths of the oceans, as we rise for surface. Satan had no power to control how we stay obedient to our Savior Jesus Christ he brings too much deception to this world too much sickness, disease, and mental diagnoses. What we are facing today in the modern world is that we are more than conquerors. The light of the Holy Spirit has endure forever and he has open the doors to the cross that leads the future without looking back.

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