Pakshi and the Mountain Village

Pakshi set out on an arduous journey with one thing in mind: displaying Christ’s love. Her destination was a remote village in the mountains. The dangers of the wild did not deter her from remaining steadfast, but would the people she’d meet receive her?

Dangers of the Wild

In 2010, Pakshi, leader of a Women’s Fellowship team, learned about an isolated village surrounded by mountains. The people had no knowledge of Jesus. And because of geographical barriers, there was a chance this village wouldn’t have many resources available to them.

Knowing she was risking her life, Pakshi embarked on the narrow path leading to the people in this village. She shook off leeches as she walked up a small trail that skirted a violent, rushing river. One slip off this path and Pakshi knew she would surely lose her life. There was a dense forest along the journey that held stories of people being mauled or killed by wild animals. It terrified Pakshi. But in the midst of all these dangers, she leaned into Jesus—her passion outweighing her fears.

Meeting Joyful Faces

Finally, after a day and a half, Pakshi set foot in the village and looked upon the faces of the people who lived there. The community of 150 welcomed her, happy to see someone new. Pakshi couldn’t believe so many people in this place were completely unaware of Jesus and His love for them.

A household of two elderly couples happily invited her to stay with them, and she quickly realized the way people lived here was different than how she lived. Pakshi was surprised to see that everyone in the village, including those she stayed with, would go to bed late and get up at 3 a.m. to do their chores. They were very diligent in each of their duties. Within the first few days, Pakshi also observed that they didn’t know about proper hygiene practices as their children would run around covered in mud.

Women missionaries, like Pakshi and the ones pictured, seek to display Christ’s love in whatever ways they can, sharing with people that would not have otherwise learned about Jesus.

Pakshi strived to be a blessing to the villagers in whatever ways she was able serve. She helped the couples that had graciously taken her in with their chores and cooked meals for them. She cleaned houses and shared about the importance of hygiene—information the villagers may not have otherwise obtained. The people quickly grew to love Pakshi because she was kind without expecting anything in return.

People Lack Inner Peace

During Pakshi’s two-week stay, she observed a common thread in the community: They didn’t have inner peace in their lives. In light of this, she held prayer meetings to listen to people’s struggles. Their lifestyle was strenuous and their worship rituals did not fill them with joy. Before Pakshi left, she shared with them that Jesus gives peace and joy to the hearts of those who believe in them.

The Holy Spirit moved on the hearts of two people, and they believed in Jesus. Thanks to Pakshi’s desire to help in practical and spiritual ways, an entire village now knows about the love of Jesus and can put their trust in Him whenever they are ready.

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  1. SahureK.

    Hi I am Sahure as I read the story of these people how God will provide for them which I no he will just have faith and believe and trust him I had tear in my eyes and right I am going through a deep crisis in my life right now but later I want partner with the woman missionary and I ‘m so glad Pakshi was able to shared and worship with them letting them no that Jesus will give then peace and Joy to the hearts of those who believe in .

  2. Marcus

    That’s very good Pakshi!, that you know God is with you and you like to help and encourage others through the love of the Lord; I also have inner peace. Know that God loves your support and blessings for others.

    Have a great day and a blessed life in Jesus name Amen.


    Much Love!!!

  3. Phillip

    Pakshi is wonderfully doing a Great service for God.God bless her and her family!

  4. Amadeo

    Pakshi is doing something that most of us would be terrified of doing, however she had the courage and guidance from The Almighy Father that protected her in her venture to this isolated place. may God have blessings for her always for the work that she is doing, God Bless, Amen

  5. MARIE

    What a light Pakshi must have been in that village, and what a greater light and life she has left them with. May our Lord Jesus bless her with every spiritual blessing for the desire and obedience she showed in going to this village, and also the fruit that will come from the precious seed she has sown in the hearts of the people there!

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