The Bitter Tears of a Helpless Mother

Nadia’s tears turned to joy after God healed her son of malaria.
Nadia’s tears turned to joy after God healed her son of malaria.

Nadia sat outside her home crying bitterly. Her youngest son had malaria, and there was nothing she could do to help him. She helplessly looked on as her little boy kept getting worse and worse. The tears she shed that night wouldn’t stop.

A Women’s Fellowship member of the local Gospel for Asia-supported church heard the desperate sobs of the hurting mother and went over to comfort her. After hearing Nadia’s story, she told her, “We have elders in our church and some women who pray for these types of sicknesses, and often, the Lord heals them through prayer. If you go now and tell them about this malaria, they will come immediately and pray for your son.”

As soon as Nadia heard these words, she rushed over to the church where she met GFA-supported woman missionary Ajeeta Singh. She asked the missionary to come to her house to pray for her ailing son. Without hesitating, Ajeeta, along with two other women missionaries, the local GFA-supported pastor and two other believers, hurried over to Nadia’s house to pray.

The pastor assured the family God was able to heal their child. They applied some oil and prayed. Instantly, Nadia’s son was healed.

Nadia and her husband stood stunned, watching as the chills, fever and muscle pain their son experienced from malaria suddenly stopped. That marked the beginning of their walk with Christ. Soon after this miracle, Nadia and her family publicly testified of their faith in Jesus. Today, they cast all their worries on Christ and live as new creations in Him.


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  1. Tabitha Charles

    God is good all the time,He answers faithful prayers.Keep being faithful,obedient and merciful to all.Jesus is coming soon all should be ready to receive Him on the clouds when He comes.

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