Woman Finds Peace, Hope at Medical Camp

GFA World partner cares for a woman in need at a medical camp.
Kalla, like the woman pictured, got the care she needed through a Gospel for Asia (GFA World) medical camp.

Everywhere Kalla looked, despair and disappointment stared back. Her husband and two sons consistently argued with one another. Kalla, her husband and her sons’ families all lived in the same home. On top of it all, Kalla suffered from body pain, weakness and diabetes—and what medicine she had wasn’t working.

A Burdened Life

Despite doctors prescribing multiple medications for 80-year-old Kalla’s pain and weakness, none had worked. And with Kalla and her family’s financial circumstances, additional hunts for medical treatment could push the family further into destitution.

Nothing seemed to be going right for Kalla. Her family was in disarray, her body protested in pain—there was no peace in her life.

But then, Kalla heard of a medical camp to be held nearby. And the best part? It was free.

After a doctor saw Kalla and gave her some advice, she received free medicine. Then, Kalla met one of the organizers of the medical camp, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Malick.

Pastor Malick made sure that every attendee was taken care of. After the program, Kalla watched as Pastor Malick walked among the attendees, offering words of love and care and extending invitations to upcoming Sunday services. Kalla decided she would attend.

Finding Hope and Help

The love and concern shown by Pastor Malick and the church beckoned to Kalla. As she sat in Sunday service, Kalla felt happy, perhaps for the first time in a long time. Kalla drank in the atmosphere of fellowship and love, the songs of worship and the messages from God’s Word, which resonated with the elderly woman.

When Kalla approached the pastor after the service, she shared her troubles. There had been no peace in her family, she said, with their financial situation and constant arguments. But sitting in the church and listening to Pastor Malick share about Jesus was a new experience that she didn’t understand.

Pastor Malick encouraged Kalla from God’s Word and prayed for her.

“For the first time in life,” Kalla said, “I heard about a true God.”

After embracing Christ’s love, Kalla began regularly attending prayer meetings, worshiping together with the other believers. Through a medical camp, Kalla not only found the medical help she needed, but she found something greater—God’s unfailing love.


See how you can help people like Kalla and bring the love of God to impoverished communities through medical camps.

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