Two Weeks to Change a Life

Like the woman in this photo, Jayana has a ministry of praying for the sick.

As the pain shot through Samaj Jakkamsetti’s body, restricting him to bed rest, his future looked bleak.

The young man had moved away from his family in search of work and found a construction job. Although he was making a decent salary, he surrounded himself with a corrupting group of friends and squandered most of his income on alcohol and tobacco.

Then, while carrying a heavy load at work one day, Samaj tore one of his muscles. The pain was excruciating. In the weeks following the injury, he visited many doctors and took medication to ease the pain, but it did not subside. In fact, his pain increased, causing him to lose his appetite and making him weaker. In the midst of his discouragement, Samaj had no idea what the coming days would bring.

After weeks of bed rest, Samaj learned about a woman in his village named Jayana, who has a ministry of praying for the sick. Samaj sought her out, and, after he explained his problems to her, she prayed for him. The Lord answered quickly and took away all Samaj’s pain—and even released him from his addictions—that very day!

Seeing the power of the one true God, Samaj placed his life in the hands of the Lord and became hungry to know Jesus more and more each day. Two weeks later, he was fully involved in the church of Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Alhad Bapaiah, who is Jayana’s son-in-law, and, because the Lord healed his muscle, he was working again.

Please ask the Lord to continue to draw Samaj toward Himself and to use him to show his family and those in his village the love of Christ.

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