Power of a Whispered Prayer

Sana stands beside her daughter, Amrita, after being healed of a disease that kept her bedridden.
Sana stands beside her daughter, Amrita, after being healed of a disease that kept her bedridden.

Pastor Gopal Raj saw Sana sitting on her verandah. When she started to walk toward the Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, Gopal stood shocked.

Could this be the same bedridden woman he visited just three weeks ago? The same woman who refused to let him pray for her healing?

When Sana approached the pastor, she told him that even though she refused his offer to pray for her, she still heard him pray in a low voice. From that day forward, she gained the energy to stand.

Sana Worries for Her Daughter

Before that, 35-year-old Sana had been confined to her bed. In 2009, a disease that made Sana lose her appetite began to ravage her body to the point that she was wasting away. Left a widow years before, Sana only had her 17-year-old daughter, Amrita, to take care of her.

Amrita worshiped gods and goddesses in different temples to gain healing for her mother, but still Sana’s health did not improve. Thinking she would die with this condition, Sana worried for her only daughter. Her brother-in-law and his family, whom she and Amrita stayed with, would not take care of her daughter if she passed away. She knew that after the death of her husband, her brother-in-law only took them in out of obligation and nothing more.

Healing Finally Comes

When Pastor Gopal came to visit Sana, she refused his help, not knowing the powerful God he served. But that day marked the beginning of change for Sana.

Twenty-one days later, Sana had the chance to tell Gopal the power of his whispered prayer.

As they stood outside her home, Sana asked the pastor to continue praying for her complete healing. The disease still made her frail.

A few days of continuous prayer set Sana free of the disease that had taken over her health. Now, she and her daughter, Amrita, serve the Lord.

A New Family

Becoming Christians wasn’t an easy thing for Sana and Amrita to do. They knew it would cost them their friends, and the rest of their community would turn on them—and when that happened, Sana and Amrita had the support of fellow believers to fall back on.

After Sana and Amrita were kicked out of their brother-in-law’s house because of their new faith, the believers of the GFA-supported church they attend saw their great need for a home. So they banded together to donate a piece of land for Sana and Amrita to build a house on.

They live in a small hut and continue to rejoice in the Lord for their new “family” and His great love.


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  1. Melissa

    God blesses those who do not even believe, knowing how it will affect them, to eternal life or eternal death.

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