Demonstrating God’s Power Through Prayer

Pastor Mihir and his believers pray for healings, and the Lord answers.
Pastor Mihir and his believers pray for healings, and the Lord answers.

Mihir Gavde, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, is witnessing God’s miraculous hand at work as Christ brings healing to many people in his community.

The Shock of a Lifetime

When a young boy in Mihir’s village accidently touched a live electrical wire, everyone thought he would die. Burns covered one side of his small body. But a believer from Mihir’s church, Rajat, knew Jesus could heal. He immediately prayed for the boy, and the Lord resuscitated him.

Excruciating Problem

Rajat had experienced a miracle in his own family, which led him to give his heart to Christ. For five long years, his nephew had difficulties whenever he had bowel movements. The pain was so unbearable, he would scream and yell. The boy’s mother, Rajat’s sister, took him to the hospital, but doctors couldn’t pinpoint the problem. Slowly, the boy’s stomach began to swell, and the pain worsened. He began to get weaker, refusing to eat in fear of the pain that would follow.

Rajat wasn’t sure how to help his nephew, but he had heard about a pastor whose God worked miracles. He went to Pastor Mihir and told him of the boy’s problems. Mihir rushed to find the boy and prayed for him.

“Wonder of wonders!” exclaimed a GFA field correspondent. “The child who was sick for five long years was healed at that instant!”

Because of this healing, Rajat and his entire family chose to follow Christ as their Savior.

Last Chance for Survival

The Lord answered another of Mihir’s prayers by healing a woman battling tuberculosis.

Sonya was in the last stages of the illness when Mihir heard about her situation. Her husband, Viraj, reluctantly attended one of the fellowship meetings at Mihir’s church after being invited by a believer. He asked the pastor to pray for his ailing wife, so Mihir did.

“God, in His abundant mercy, healed Viraj’s wife instantly when our pastor prayed,” shared a GFA field correspondent.

Through each of these healings, God chose to reveal His glory and bring people to salvation. Please pray for these individuals and families to grow strong in their new faith. Pray also for Pastor Mihir, that the Lord will expand his work in that area.

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