Letter from a Widow


My name is Chahna. I am 35 years old, and I am a widow.

I have a small family. My older son is 20 years old, and my daughter is 19. She recently married.

Ten years ago, my husband died. Soon after his death, it was difficult for me to run my family smoothly. But I did not lose my courage. Rather, I stood alone and tried my very best to nourish my children.

As the years passed by, I became weak in my health and was not able to do labor work. I was suffering with numbness in my right hand. I went to a doctor, and they gave me some ordinary capsules, which did not help cure my sickness.

One afternoon while returning from the hospital, I met Rutesh, and he introduced himself as a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor. It was good to hear that he was a pastor. I thought he could solve my problem, so I invited him to my home for prayer.

I told him that for the last three years I had been suffering with a numbness problem in my right hand. I told him that most of the time I was unable to lift my hands and carry things. If I carried something in my hands, it would fall because I did not have the strength.

That day, Pastor Rutesh prayed for me and gave me a New Testament. While he prayed for me, I felt immense joy and experienced the healing touch of Jesus Christ. From that day onward, Pastor Rutesh visited my house and shared the Word of God with me. In this way, God helped me to grow.

Meanwhile, I was in search of an easy job for the survival of my family. By the grace of God and through our pastor’s help, I got a special gift in 2011: a sewing machine. I thank God for hearing my prayers. With this sewing machine, I started earning money and was able to sustain my life as well as my family.

I am very thankful to GFA and the Christmas gift distribution program because it has played a vital role in the community to help the poor and downtrodden living in poverty.




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