Sewing Machine Reignites Cold Faith

This is Ranita and her brand-new sewing machine provided by GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog.
This is Ranita and her brand-new sewing machine provided by GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog.

There just wasn’t enough money for Ranita and Paul to keep studying when their parents and four other sisters were starving—so they dropped out of school.

Ranita and Paul started farming to add to the little income their parents were earning, but it still wasn’t enough for their family of eight. Because of this, their relationship with God suffered as well. Their faith turned cold as they struggled in dire poverty without sufficient food.

A Gospel for Asia-supported missionary took notice and set out to change their life. Pastor Isaiah Dutta spoke with Ranita and her family, reaffirming God’s love and promises to provide for their every need. This encouragement reignited the passion they once had for Jesus, and Ranita and her family recommitted their lives to serve Christ.

The Beginning of Change

Their years of struggle came to an end in 2010 when Ranita received a sewing machine through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog.

“She thanked God as well as the ministry of GFA for providing a sewing machine to take away their poverty,” said a GFA field correspondent.

After receiving that life-changing gift, Ranita set up a tailoring center in her home’s portico. When her neighbors saw her stitching talent, they started sending her their clothes to mend.

“Earlier, the villagers were going to the city to stitch their clothes, and they found it very pricey,” explained the correspondent. “But when they saw a tailoring center inside their own village, they all gave their clothing to Ranita. She began to prosper extensively.”

Her brother, Paul, also began sewing. He mends men’s clothing, which Ranita wasn’t able to do. Through their earnings, they could provide for their family and help their older sister go to college to continue her studies.

More Than Just a Gift

But receiving a sewing machine did more than just improve their physical living circumstance. It was proof of God’s love and care in their lives, and Ranita’s faith and walk with Christ—along with her family’s—has been enriched.

Now she, the rest of her family and 10 others gather in her home to pray, worship and learn God’s Word through Pastor Isaiah’s shepherding.

A GFA field correspondent said Ranita and her family are grateful for the compassion they were shown, through which they are thriving—in more ways than just one.


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