Mosquitoes Out, God’s Love In

What do steamy jungles, dense forests or bustling cities of Asia have in common? The world’s most annoying and sometimes dangerous insect: the mosquito.

Where Prevention Is Essential

Mosquitoes can act as vectors (carriers) of diseases. Zika virus, West Nile virus and dengue are among a few transmitted, but the most prevalent is malaria. According to the World Health Organization, in 2017, 435,000 people died of malaria worldwide.¹ The less-fortunate and needy are often the ones who suffer the most. Poor sanitation combined with lack of proper insect deterrent equals high rates of disease.

What can be done? That’s exactly what Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Ronsher asked himself. The pastor served in an area with high transmission rates of malaria. The villagers lived in poverty and could not afford simple mosquito deterrents, let alone medicine and treatment for the illnesses caused by mosquitoes. Pastor Ronsher prayed for the Lord’s provision for these people. And God provided.

At a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported gift distribution, Bahman and Salli gratefully received a mosquito net just like this girl.

A Family’s Need

At a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported gift distribution, 100 local villagers were given mosquito nets. Among them were Bahman and his wife, Salli. Like many of the villagers, the family was extremely poor. Because they worked as daily wage laborers and farmers, their income simply wasn’t enough to provide proper medical care and hygiene for themselves.

On top of that, Bahman and Salli’s daughter had been paralyzed for the past three years. But the greatest threat hanging over their heads was malaria. For a long time, Bahman and Salli had wanted a mosquito net for some protection, but their circumstances wouldn’t allow it.

It was around this time that Pastor Ronsher met the family. Seeing their need, the pastor invited them to the upcoming gift distribution to receive a mosquito net.

Touched by Love

Over the next few weeks, Pastor Ronsher visited the family to teach them how to properly use the net and to encourage them.

“You helped us by providing a piece of mosquito net in our lives, though you never knew us before,” Bahman said. “Many knew about our problems, but except [for] you, none of them showed their kindness toward us. We are touched with your love.”

Now the whole family is protected from mosquitoes. The world’s most dangerous insect is not so dangerous for Bahman and his family now. This World Malaria Day, April 21, Bahman and Salli will be among the many families no longer fearing the mosquito.

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  1. Atta Oppong

    Good job for the kind work GFA is doing around the globe. Mosquitoes also breed on water surfaces, bushy areas, stagnant water surfaces. If GFA can educate the people to keep their environment clean that can also prevent malaria infection. With the net the mosquitoes are always available, but when one drains these stagnant waters from house hold activities such as bathing, cooking, the mosquitoes can not have a place to breed and in that case the people can be healthy and do their work. GFA is doing a good work, thanks for such gestures.

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