Mute Boy Reclaims Voice

Japa, born mute, lost his mother at one year old. His father did not know how to help him. Japa received healing through the prayers of a Gospel for Asia supported Women's Fellowship.
After his wife died, Dhumal did not know how to help his mute son. Father and son found hope through the prayers and encouragement of the local Women’s Fellowship.

Clapping, stomping and cheerful singing filled the Sunday school room. Children in brightly colored clothes moved together as Sunday school teachers led them in the motions to their favorite praise songs. Little Japa, only 5 years old, clapped and danced with the other children. But when the songs ended, it became clear again that something was wrong with Japa.

When Japa first started attending Sunday school, he sat quietly during the lessons. In fact, he was always quiet, except during the songs—Japa’s favorite part of the class. It didn’t take long before his teachers realized that Japa was mute.

Women’s Fellowship Speaks Hope to Father, Son

After learning about Japa’s condition, the Women’s Fellowship reached out to the little boy. Tenderness filled their hearts, and they discussed how to help him. They visited his home and found out that Japa lost his mother when he was only 1 year old. Japa’s grieving father, Dhumal, did not know how to help his little boy who was mute from birth.

The Women’s Fellowship diligently fasted and prayed for Japa’s healing. At the same time, they visited the little boy and his father, encouraging them from God’s Word. As Dhumal listened attentively to their words, hope started to bloom in his heart. He started to believe God could heal his son. But would He?

Following a month of fervent prayer, the impossible happened—Japa experienced complete healing! The little boy began talking. Dhumal listened in awe at the sound of his son’s voice. What was impossible for the father to give his son was possible for God. Grateful to the Lord, Dhumal committed his life to serving the God of healing.

Father and son now attend worship services together, lifting their voices side by side to Jesus, the Great Healer and giver of hope.

Singing is still Japa’s favorite part of Sunday school, but he now also participates in the lessons with the other children, no longer watching in silence.


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  1. Sherman

    Jesus is our great healer.

  2. Darlene

    wonderful story of God’s healing grace!

  3. Marie

    What a great and merciful God we serve! May Japa lift up his voice loud and clear rejoicing in what our Lord Jesus has done for him, what a wonderful sound it must be for his father to hear his little boy’s voice! God is good!!!

  4. Vanessa

    GOD Bless Dhumal and his son for the power of prayer. May their voices be used to uplift others and spread GOD’s word.

  5. Rosemarie

    GOD is a Miracle working GOD with HIM nothing is Impossible

  6. Marie

    What a wonderful Savior we serve, what joy must have overflowed in his fathers heart to hear his son speak for the first time! and what rejoicing in heaven there must have been to hear Japa’s voice raised in praise to our heavenly Father! Wonderful Praise you Jesus!

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