Bedridden Man Walks Again

Sampat, bedridden for years, walks again after prayers of Gospel for Asia's Women's Fellowship.
Sampat (not pictured) lost any hope for healing after 5 years of suffering from an illness his family could not afford to treat.

God sent Prama and her Women’s Fellowship team to Sampat’s village at a moment of despair for Sampat’s family—his life was about to be extinguished.

Sampat, a model son, was everything his parents hoped he would be. At 23 years old, he worked hard as a shop -keeper to help his father support the family.

Sampat’s job kept food on the table and clothes on his siblings’ backs. His family depended on him. His father alone could not meet the family’s needs in such a rustic setting.

Descent to Death’s Door

One day, the family’s stability was threatened when severe knee pain debilitated Sampat and didn’t go away.

After seeing a doctor, Sampat’s condition did not change. In fact, it got worse. Slowly, over five years, Sampat suffered more and more, gradually becoming crippled. He sought medical help repeatedly with no results. He performed many sacrifices, hoping for divine help.

Eventually Sampat became bedridden. No longer a primary provider, Sampat became a burden for his family. His parents could not pay for the major medical treatment their son needed. Sampat could no longer eat and wasted away to a critical condition.

National workers often find themselves praying for infirmities. Moments of crisis are often the first time someone considers turning to Jesus. Through those desperate prayers, God brings healing to many as a demonstration of His power and love.

Hope Grows in Sampat’s Heart

But God had a hope and a future for Sampat. It was in these desperate days that Prama and her Women’s Fellowship team visited Sampat’s village. Praying for the sick and offering encouragement from God’s Word to the downtrodden, the team of godly women left hope and life in their wake.

During this trip, Prama met Sampat. She listened with a heavy heart to the young man’s story. When she learned that he had been sick for five years, she knew the only hope for his healing was the power of Jesus. Prama comforted Sampat from the Scriptures, sharing with him about the hope in Jesus for physical and spiritual healing.

Before departing, Prama and her team prayed for God’s healing touch on Sampat.

A week later, Sampat knew Jesus was working in his body. He was getting better. He continued to pray to Jesus and put his hope solely in the Lord. However, instead of seeing the healing at work before their eyes, Sampat’s family was disturbed and strongly objected to his decision to follow Jesus.

“I believe Jesus will heal my sickness, He is the only healer,” Sampat shared with his family.

The firmness of his decision kept his family quiet. They wanted Sampat to be healed, but they did not believe Jesus could do it.

Raised to New Life

Prama visited Sampat again to encourage him and join her prayers with his. That night, great relief flooded through Sampat, and he slept peacefully for the first time since his ailment started years earlier. Three days later, Sampat was completely healed!

This touch of God solidified Sampat’s budding faith.

“I truly acknowledge that there is an Almighty God who can heal every sickness and give life to the dying,” says Sampat. “I am one of those who was able to receive His grace and mercy and have a new life.”

Many people in Asia have experienced God’s power and love firsthand through healing. Often, these healings are keys that open hearts to the message of forgiveness. There are many stories of transformed lives, including Talika, a little girl who encountered the Almighty God at VBS and became a living testimony of His grace. Read her story here.

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