Risking His Life to Save It

Oorjit knew he could face persecution for his choice - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanOorjit’s community was strongly devoted to every tradition, ritual and rule of their religion—and performing honor killings against anyone who wasn’t. Yet for all Oorjit’s devotion to his gods, he and his family could never find peace or happiness.

For two years, Oorjit had suffered from a stomach ache so severe that the 20-year-old would scream in agony, rolling on the floor as he clutched his abdomen. When the pain came over him, he couldn’t even eat.

Oorjit’s parents took him to many hospitals, homeopathic doctors and temples for a cure. They were devastated to see their only son—whom they loved more than anything else in the world—suffering. But the visits were only a waste of what little money the family had. And because Oorjit was the sole provider for the family, they had no way of earning more funds without him.

In the face of unrelenting pain, Oorjit began many attempts at suicide, but he was always stopped by the thought of his aging parents. They needed him, and he could never leave them.

A Fearsome Proposition

Oorjit’s neighbor Haima knew about all the family’s problems, and she encouraged Oorjit to come to her church, telling him and his family about the people Jesus had healed throughout His time on earth.

“Jesus knows your problems and pain,” she said. “Through someone or by other means, He will help us and also find a solution for our problems.”

As Haima shared about Jesus, Oorjit decided he wanted to give God a chance, but he worried about his neighbors.

His leaders were a fearsome group. And the people of the village could easily cause him more suffering than he was already experiencing. His parents would likely face tremendous mockery if their son turned from the faith.

“Leave your enemies in Christ’s hand,” Haima assured him. “He will look after you. … He will guide you from all the bad times of your life to the good.”

Inspired, Oorjit decided to go to church.

Leaving His Enemies in Christ’s Hand

The same weekend, Haima introduced Oorjit to her pastor, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary Sayam. Pastor Sayam shared the Good News with Oorjit and earnestly prayed for his healing. Like Haima did, Pastor Sayam encouraged Oorjit to attend church, too.

As Oorjit and his family began attending church, Pastor Sayam and his congregation prayed for Oorjit’s stomach. Gradually, all the pain left.

Knowing it was the Lord who healed him, Oorjit embraced Jesus’ love, and despite the risk of outraging his community, Oorjit has told many about his transformed life.

As they listen to Oorjit’s story and the Good News he shares, others are learning to put their enemies in Christ’s hand, too, and they are finally finding peace and happiness in Him.

Every day, believers like Oorjit risk persecution for their faith. See how God is working in their lives.

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