Frustration Replaced by Joy

Hamsa had a choice between pursuing the pleasures of the world and going to church. As she grew older, she invited negative influences into her life and gradually stopped attending Sunday School. Would she discover joy in Christ?

Diligence Wears Off

Hamsa (pictured) grew frustrated and exhibited a short temper while she was absent from Sunday School.

When Hamsa was a child, she diligently attended Sunday School. Although her parents attended church on Sundays, they never prayed at home or included God in their daily lives. They were happy to see that Hamsa was a disciplined young girl. Her parents were also proud of her for receiving awards for perfect attendance in Sunday School classes.

But as she grew older, Hamsa began to drift away from church and develop other interests. At 13, she quit school and joined her mother in the fields instead. From there, she spent time with things that would have a negative effect on her mind.

Distractions Take Hold

Hamsa’s attendance at Sunday School began to slip. Most of what had negatively influenced her was the content in the music she listened to and the movies she watched; they crowded her mind, and eventually, her attitude changed. Hamsa disobeyed her parents, grew frustrated and often had a short temper. As she chose worldly pleasures over righteousness, her priorities shifted toward selfishness. After a while of living selfishly, Hamsa realized what the world had to offer wasn’t enough—but she didn’t change her ways.

Words from a Beloved Teacher

One day, Hamsa’s Sunday School teacher, Nabhitha, lovingly spoke with Hamsa. Nabhitha was concerned about Hamsa’s lack of attendance, as well as her change in behavior toward others. Hamsa confessed to her teacher how her desires had changed and how she was tempted to find joy in other things rather than attending Sunday School. Nabhitha encouraged Hamsa to live for Him, because in Him is found real joy and lasting peace, unlike the temporary pleasures temptations bring.

A New Hope

In the following days, Hamsa gave a lot of thought to what Nabhitha pointed out to her. She realized she had missed going to Sunday School—so she went back to church. The morning she went, her Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor offered the congregation prayer after service. Hamsa sought counsel during that time, and her pastor guided Hamsa to recognize her need for Jesus and the hope He brings. That morning, Hamsa decided to live for Jesus and follow His ways.

The following Sunday, Hamsa made a public declaration of her belief in Jesus. Thanks to the care of her Sunday School teacher and her pastor, Hamsa has freedom from temptation and a growing love for Jesus. She longs to set an example of His love to others.

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