Water So Clean They Couldn’t Believe It

BioSand water filters provide clean waterThe water was so dirty it turned every vessel yellow and often made people sick. Yet everyone in the area drank it without a second thought for their health. As part of 768 million people worldwide without access to clean water, they couldn’t afford a second thought.

Most of the people in the village worked as laborers, leaving early in the morning and coming home in the evening with a meager wage. At night, their only option was to drink, cook and bathe with water from the public hand pumps.

When Gospel for Asia pastor Bhima and missionary Lalitkumar told the people about a filter that could clean the dirty water—without electricity—it seemed impossible.

“Unless you show us, we will not believe,” the villagers said.

So Lalitkumar brought a BioSand water filter to the village and demonstrated how to use it. To everyone’s amazement, the dirty water came out clean, and it didn’t stain the vessel it was poured into.

“Due to stains in the water, our vessels used to be a yellow color, and after rinsing them, the color did not go away,” said Sahas, a villager. “But now, after installing the BioSand filter, we drink the same water, but the filter cleans it and makes it pure.”

Soon, everyone wanted one.

Chasing the Man with Water Filters

People began running after Lalitkumar, saying, “Brother, please install a filter in our home.” And as word spread about the filters, surrounding villages also approached Lalitkumar.

In one day, Lalitkumar installed 22 BioSand water filters, and still people continued to make requests. Some of the people came from remote areas, but Lalitkumar found a way to bring a filter to each one.

A child in one area told a schoolteacher about the water filters, and soon the children and staff were delighted to have clean water readily available all day long.

“I used to bring a water bottle from home because our school’s hand pump water is not clean,” said the headmaster, Nadish. “However, after installing the BioSand water filter, I am not bringing the water because now I get pure water here on the campus itself. Thank you so much for providing a water filter for us.”

While they provide clean water for local communities, Lalitkumar and Pastor Bhima are also building strong relationships, and ultimately, they hope to share Christ’s love with many.

Find out more about water scarcity in Asia and how you can help!

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