Jesus Wells Solve Village Leader’s Problems

Poojan with his family.

Poojan Manasi had many ideas for developing the village he lived in. As the village chief, he was in charge of solving all the problems in his area, so he set out to tackle each issue, starting with the village’s lack of clean water.

Poojan sought and received government permission to dig wells in his village, but after installing three water pumps, he realized it would not be sufficient for the entire village. There were still two remaining areas where people had no source of clean water—and the villagers started complaining.

Finding the Solution

Poojan searched for other possible solutions to this problem, but he kept running into dead ends. He was losing hope of meeting the villagers’ expectations and needs when he heard about Jesus Wells through Gospel for Asia’s Compassion Services ministry. He immediately met with the local Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor, Peter Goyary, to talk with him about the possibility of getting a well for his villagers.

Pastor Peter presented the need to his leaders. After surveying the village, they decided to install two Jesus Wells in Poojan’s village.

The villagers were very happy to have the Jesus Wells,” explained a Gospel for Asia (GFA) field correspondent. “The village head was overjoyed because the Jesus Wells solved a big problem that he was unable to solve.”

Meeting More Than Just a Physical Need

Touched by the church’s response to his need, Poojan developed a friendship with the pastor. He gave Peter freedom to conduct any program he wanted in the village and even in the neighboring villages, where he has influence.

Poojan was even interested in learning more about the God Peter served. He would listen intently whenever Peter shared the Good News with him and told him of God’s great love.

Today, Poojan and his family have committed their lives to Christ.

“They are living peaceful lives in the grace of the Lord Jesus,” the Gospel for Asia (GFA) correspondent said.

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