Not Allowed to Drink . . . Water?

Clean waterShaunak’s prayer was one simple request. He asked God for water.

There was water in the village—plenty of it. But Shaunak and the rest of his people were not allowed to have any. Shoemakers by trade, they were low caste, hated and considered to be untouchable by the elite of society.

“I was praying daily for the provision of water,” Shaunak remembers.

His people, already suffering in poverty, were desperate and thirsty. He didn’t know what else to do.

A Dedicated Pastor

Pastor Abhik never had to worry about what he would do each morning. God’s calling on his life was to share the Good News. So every morning Abhik got up and went from house to house in the surrounding villages, talking to people about Jesus.

When God led him to Shaunak’s village, he encountered a huge need. Not only were these people part of the 163 million in South Asia who lack access to clean water, but the vast majority were also in need of the true Living Water: Jesus Christ. Abhik knew a solution.

‘What Does a Jesus Well Mean?’

He arranged to have a Jesus Well drilled for the needy villagers. Open to all, high- or low-caste, the well brought much joy—and curiosity.

“What does a Jesus Well mean? What is written on it?” The questions poured out as water flowed for the daily visitors. Pastor Abhik happily answered their inquiries as he shared about the love of God. He explained John 4:13–14, the verse written on each Jesus well, and how He can give water that will cure spiritual thirst forever.

“The Lord has answered my prayer,” Shaunak jubilantly declared. “We were badly grieved, but now we are happy because we have a well for our group.”

More than 30 families now have access to clean water, and many have decided to follow Christ because of the love they saw demonstrated through the well.

World Water Day

More than 780 million people in the world lack access to clean water, and every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-related illness. Gospel for Asia’s clean water ministry is delivering clean, disease-free water to families across South Asia through Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters.

As the world joins together on March 22 to combat the water crisis, you can partner with Gospel for Asia to provide not only clean water, but also Living Water, to the thirsty millions in South Asia.

Make a difference today.

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