Women Missionaries: Offering Hope

Why Women Missionaries?

In many Asian cultures, it is wrong for a woman to interact with a man who is not her husband. That is why a woman missionary is the perfect solution! Each woman missionary already lives in Asia. In preparation for ministry, she has gone through three years of intensive ministry training. She knows the cultural taboos instinctively. She has already mastered the language or a related dialect. She lives among the community, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes, and sharing the same cultural interests.

Above all else, she has a passion and burden to reach the women on Asia with the message of the gospel.

You Can Make a Difference for Women in Asia

It only takes $30 a month to help support a woman missionary to serve full-time to reach other women.

Through Bible studies, house visits, and the personal ministry of our missionaries, thousands of women have found hope in Christ. But the need in Asia is great. Millions of women have still never heard the Good News. Give them the opportunity to right now! Watch this video, listen to these sisters’ testimonies, see their passion and sponsor them.


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