Clean Water for 30 Families

BioSand filtersAs a teacher, Aadi had to watch the children at his remote village school drink and wash with dirty water. He knew the bad effects of polluted water, but there was no way to purify it and make it safe for the children in his school’s care.

But that changed with one special day—and 30 BioSand water filters.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary Omanad had discovered Aadi’s village, tucked away far from the reach of roads. The people received little help from outside, scratching out their living through day labor jobs. Omanad also learned about the people’s dire need for pure water.

With help from other missionaries, Omanad brought the 30 filters to the village. He and Aadi met with the school children’s families to distribute the gifts and demonstrate how to use them. Aadi explained to the audience how important clean water was for their health, strongly encouraging the families to make good use of the filters. At last, his students had a healthy source of drinking water, given to them with the love of the Lord.

Find out the huge difference simple BioSand water filters make for families in Asia.


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