Love Found in a Well

Love Found in a Well - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanIn the midst of farmlands lies a little village. A Jesus Well stands in the distance, pouring out fresh water, free to all who pass by.

It wasn’t always like this. Water pumps scattered here and there along the roadway were unreliable and scarce. The people in the village suffered for 12 years from water shortages. They moaned under this strain.

During the summer’s intense heat, the villagers struggled to find enough water to fill their pots. Many traveled almost 25 minutes to stand in a long line, hoping to get even one bucket full of water for their daily needs.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Jala heard, through the believers in his congregation, about the villagers’ desperate need for clean accessible water. In response, Pastor Jala and the believers earnestly prayed for a Jesus Well in their village. Two years later, when the well was finally drilled, the believers rejoiced! The villagers were delighted to see the love Pastor Jala had for the whole community.

“What a wonderful privilege for us to get pure and clean water through the church,” the villagers said. “We are ever grateful and thankful …for …a water facility by which we could get enough water to drink and use for the domestic purpose as well.”

This Jesus Well serves as a testimony of the great love of Christ. Ever since the well came into this village, many hearts have softened toward the Lord as they hear His message of hope. Pastor Jala continues to demonstrate the love of Jesus in his community. Because the Jesus Well is offered to everyone, many have tangibly seen the love of Christ and have heard of the living water that He freely gives.

Read how a Jesus Well helped show Ratnakar the love of God, who shows no partiality.

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