A Load Off Their Backs

Woman washing dishes at a Jesus Well - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanA team of contractors hired by Gospel for Asia (GFA) drilled a Jesus Well in a parched village of Nepal in August 2013, alleviating chronic thirst, diseases and backaches.

The new Jesus Well, drilled at the request of local Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Deepankar, provides clean water for villagers to use. It is available for everyone, regardless of age, caste or religious preferences, and is completely free of cost for the villagers. The finances needed to drill the well were provided by friends of Gospel for Asia (GFA).

Previously, villagers, primarily women, had to walk a distance greater than a mile to fetch water from a river, leaving many with painfully strained backs. Gathering enough water for their families and for their livestock left these women with less time and energy available to tend to their families or earn extra income. During summer, when temperatures rose, the river ran low. Disease and dehydration were not uncommon.

Harsika, a woman from the village, expressed her gratitude for the new Jesus Well.

“We are very happy and grateful to the church leaders for providing us with a clean and pure water source,” she said.

Today, hundreds of people benefit from the Jesus Well, and more than 120 people draw from it daily.

“Before, we had to walk a long distance to fetch water,” said Jagrati, another village woman, remembering the days of hardship before the Jesus Well. “But now we are able to fetch water in our own village.”

Gospel for Asia (GFA) is able to find and help villages in need through the missionaries and pastors Gospel for Asia (GFA) supports, like Pastor Deepankar. Because of the prayers and financial partnership of many people around the world, Gospel for Asia (GFA) has been able to drill several thousand wells in South Asia, aiding numerous villages and quenching the thirst of millions.


Learn more about the pure water initiatives of Gospel for Asia.

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  1. Tammy

    God is so good He provides for His ppl.I truly believewe are living in the sixth day the sixth hour He is coming back just as he says.Grateful to the Lord for making away for gfa to be able to provide for this village,Thank you Jesus for your Blessings.

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