No More Stomachaches or Skin Rashes for Zahin’s Village

The people in Zahin’s village used to walk more than half a mile each way to get water, and often ended up with various skin conditions because of the dirty water.The people in Zahin’s village used to walk more than half a mile each way to get water. But when monsoon season arrived, the water would become polluted.

To save themselves from the long walks and the bad water, the villagers dug small ponds near their homes to draw water—but the pond water was contaminated too.

Because the villagers used that water to drink, bathe in and cook with, they fell sick with stomachaches and ended up with skin conditions like ringworm and scabies, a rash caused by a small parasite.

“I used to spend a lot of money for medicine to cure my scabies and stomachaches,” 19-year-old Zahin shared.

An Answer to Their Problems

Zahin is one of 36 believers in a church led by Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Sharan Sen. The church earnestly sought the Lord for the provision of a Jesus Well for the impoverished village, and the Lord answered!

“The Jesus Well is a great help for us,” Zahin shared. “Now we are saved from all kinds of diseases. We are indeed excited to drink pure water.”

By God’s grace, because of the clean water, Zahin doesn’t suffer from stomachaches or scabies anymore, and he doesn’t have to pay money to treat the illnesses.

About 180 people come to draw water from the Jesus Well every day. Most of the people in this village don’t know Christ, and the Jesus Well stands to them—and to Zahin—as a testimony of God’s kindness.

Watch a video about a Jesus Well in a village and hear a pastor’s testimony of what the Lord has done through it.

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