Drinking from the Smelly Pond

These men and women received new BioSand water filters at the distribution conducted by Pastor Dayala. These water filters will turn their stagnant, foul-smelling pond water into a healthy, clean glass of water.

Can you imagine living in a land where there is no proper source of water? What would you do? How would you gather enough water for your needs? Tasks like washing dishes, bathing, cooking and simply drinking water would become a problem you’d have to face every day.

This is reality for the men and women in one Asian village. There are no wells in their area, so many people resort to digging ponds to use for their daily needs. The rainy season doesn’t help the water crisis, and any water they gather from the ground has a foul smell.

Pond Water Becomes Clean

As GFA-supported pastor Dayala served the villagers, he noticed their daily struggle and wanted to help them. One day, he was able to organize a program to distribute BioSand water filters to the villagers. The people were very interested in learning how to use their filters and were filled with heartfelt thanks to Pastor Dayala for thinking of them in their troubles.

“Our family does not have a well,” a happy recipient, Hasika, shared. “We use water from the small pond, which we dug near our house, but the water is not clean. At the same time, it gives a very bad smell, but we cannot afford to buy the filter for our daily use. So, by getting this filter I am very happy and also would like to thank the people who thought about us and provided us with the water filter.”

BioSand water filters remove more than 90 percent of the impurities from pond water. Hasika’s family, along with 29 other families and individuals in their area, now has safe water to drink. Most importantly, they have now seen the love of God displayed in a real, tangible way. Let us pray every glass of water they drink from these filters will help them taste and see the goodness and love of Jesus!

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