Drinking Salty Water

BioSand water filterGhalib poured salty water from the container in his home. This was normal for his entire village. They all struggled with drinking the water because of the high level of salt within it.

Many of the villagers suffered from kidney stones, and the children often became ill.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Aslesh recognized the villagers’ difficulties and requested BioSand water filters be provided to help relieve them of their water problems. With the help of local authorities, 40 BioSand water filters were distributed to the villagers.

“In this hilly area, where our people are deprived of many facilities, I really thank the church for the good initiative taken to reach this remote area with [BioSand water filters] and care for the common people,” Baasim, a local authority, said. “In the coming days, I am ready to help at any extent for this project, which is mainly for the common man, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.”

Ghalib received a BioSand water filter and no longer has a cup full of salt.

“[My children] used to fall ill often,” Ghalib said, “but from now on there won’t be any kind of waterborne diseases in my family because the water is clean and free from germs and bacteria. I am very happy to receive this gift for my family.”

See how BioSand water filters help villages, just like where Ghalib lives.

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