Her Grandchildren Desperately Needed Clean Water

Clean WaterMurky water. That was the prize Kenga brought home from the next village. Despite taking a significant amount of time out of her day to fetch water, the water she got was barely worth drinking.

This widow and her three adult sons struggled to make ends meet. She worked as a housemaid, and her sons worked as farm laborers when they could find work, but they barely scraped by. Worse, they didn’t have a good source of clean water in their village—and that was endangering her grandchildren’s health.

There was only one water tap available for public use in Kenga’s village, so Kenga and her grandchildren had to wait in lines with other villagers to get water. Some days, Kenga would have to walk all the way to the next village to get water that wasn’t even clean.

The dirty water Kenga managed to provide for her family often infected her grandchildren with stomach illnesses. Kenga’s heart grew heavy as she watched her grandchildren frequently become sick. Much of the money she and her sons labored for slipped into a black hole of medical expenses.

A Solution to Their Struggles

Then a Christian lady who lived in Kenga’s village told her that at the local church, believers would pray with Kenga for her family to be healed of their sicknesses.

So one Sunday, Kenga joined the lady for church. Kenga told the pastor, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary, about her family’s struggles. His heart burdened by their plight, the pastor prayed for Kenga’s family and invited her to come to church regularly.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Amin, the district pastor for that area, later visited Kenga’s family. In addition to sharing the love of Christ with them, he also told them about something that would help end their health struggles: a BioSand water filter. When he explained why clean water is so important and how BioSand water filters help purify water, Kenga was thrilled. She asked the pastor to provide one for her household.

Restored Lives and Bodies

Much to her delight, Kenga later received a BioSand water filter.

Through the BioSand water filter and the purified water it yielded; the family’s health has improved.

“From the time I started using the filter, my grandchildren never suffered from stomach ailments,” Kenga said. “Now they are completely healthy. I am happy with this best gift God has given to me. Now there is no place for sickness in my family.”

Meanwhile, Kenga and her grandchildren began to attend church to learn more about Christ, and eventually they decided to put their trust in Jesus.

God used His children to bring Kenga’s family the message of hope in Christ, as well as a gift that will help them to serve Him without debilitating intestinal illnesses.

Through God’s provision and the support of donors, many families like Kenga’s have experienced the grace of Christ through the gift of a BioSand water filter.

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  1. Brian

    Praise the Lord, and God bless this family!

  2. Marie

    As our Lord Jesus has blessed them with clean water to drink, i pray they will know untold blessings of that living water that flows from His throne of grace. Hallelujah! Praise His Holy Name.

  3. premilla

    Praise the lord ,thank u gospel for asia ,for giving the gift of life ,an the love of jesus to these people ,an brothers an sisters let us take a stand as ambassaders of jesus christ an make a difference in the lives of the needy ,,let’s take a moment an think .wat would jesus do , its all about spreading the love of jesus ,so go on an give 4 this cause ,glory to god

  4. premilla

    Praise be unto u my lord ,halleluya

  5. Sandra


  6. Mickey

    I will continue to pray for more and more clean water supplies – we serve a good God who is faithful to our prayers. Be blessed in the Name of Jesus

  7. gregory

    faith without works is dead, how about donating to the cause, I have!

  8. Daniel

    I am so happy to be able to give to this ministry of such as Gospel for Asia. My heart goes out to the little ones whose health and safety He gave the greatest gift of love and guiding care to everyone who believes our Saviour Jesus Christ. Love in Action. Amen

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