Something Better than Escape

Women Reaching WomenMadina cursed life. She wanted an escape—she wanted to die. The thought of leaving behind her younger brother, Makul, was the only thing that kept her from suicide.

Madina, who had never married, and Makul, who had an intellectual handicap, lived with their older brother and his wife. Though it should have been a refuge for them, this home was an atmosphere of scorn and rejection for Madina and Makul. Instead of seeking to care and provide for their younger siblings, Madina’s older brother and sister-in-law viewed her and Makul as burdens. They mentally abused Madina and did not care for her physical needs, but she and Makul had nowhere else to go.

This environment of rejection pushed Madina to despair, but she hated to think of leaving Makul to face this alone. So she continued living, but with a heavy heart absent of peace or hope.

Meanwhile, Jala, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported woman missionary, started ministering in the region where Madina lives. Jala led a Sunday school program, participated in home prayer meetings and visited homes along with her Women’s Fellowship team. In all this, Jala wanted to reach people like Madina with the hope found in Christ.

Good News Heals Heart of Hurting Woman

One day, Madina and Jala met, and Jala told Madina about the Good News of Jesus. When Madina heard about the God who died for her sins and rose again to give her new life, rays of hope penetrated Madina’s soul, dispelling her heartache.

Eventually, Madina attended a prayer meeting at the local church. There, she heard words from Scripture that filled her heart with comfort, and she came back again and again. One day, as she was listening to a message from God’s Word, she decided to place her life in Jesus’ hands.

Madina began to spend time praying and meditating on Scripture, and her relationship with Christ blossomed. She no longer despaired. Even when Madina’s new faith infuriated her brother and his wife, the promises found in God’s Word gave her the courage to stand firm.

Although Madina still lives in difficult circumstances, suffering hurt and rejection from family members, she now has hope and strength in Christ because God used a woman missionary to tell her the Good News of a God who loves both her and her brother.

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  1. Priscilla

    Thank you Jesus for these lives that have been touched. Bless as many as have given for these gospel touch on lives. I pray that the souls that have been touched will not be lost. Uphold and keep them for Your Kingdom, Oh LORD. Amen!! I long to give. For now, I will be praying for more hands and gifts towards the spread of the good news. I trust God to bless my hands soon so that I can also give. The blessings of God shall multiply to you all. Amen!!!

  2. Rebekah

    Thank you, God for answering my prayers by reaching out to people like Madina!

  3. Genny

    Thank you Father for sending Jesus, Thank you Jesus that you came, Holy Spirit wont you tell us more about His lovely Name 0ur Jehovah Rhoni our Shepherd, thank for the souls that are turning to you, You are pouring out your spirit as you promised you would . We pray that you will send more people like Madina, to share Jesus’s love with others, Thank you for Gospel of Asia, an for the work that they have been doing, Continue the good work it will bring tremendous reward,
    we pray for souls to multiply for the Kingdom of God. Father in Jesus name we consider it done.

    You are 0ur Jehovah Shalom our peace. Amen

  4. Esther

    I pray for encouragement and hope in Jesus name.

  5. Beverley

    Father I ask of you Bless them all with Salvation, a personal relationship with you and safety. In Yeshua’s name.

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