A Place a Church Can Call Home

A home for a church A crowd assembled around the little house. Someone stepped forward to lock the door from the outside. With rocks in hand and the exit securely fastened, villagers hurled their stones against the outer walls, yelling threats at the believers trapped inside.

Fellowship Begins Through Healing

It was a drastic measure, but the villagers living in the place where Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Nirbhay served believed only outcasts should worship Jesus.
When Pastor Nirbhay first began ministering in this place, few people responded to his message, yet Nirbhay still shared about the love of Christ.

After a few months, the Lord began bringing people to Himself through healing miracles in the village. Those with sicknesses and injuries were completely healed when Nirbhay prayed for them, and many people decided to follow the Lord. The pastor began worship services and prayer meetings in his home as the fellowship was birthed, but it came with opposition.

Forced to Move

Three times, circumstances forced the fellowship to move their place of worship to another location. The first time, villagers locked the believers inside the pastor’s home and threw rocks at the building. Then on two separate occasions, Nirbhay’s landlords were pressured by villagers to kick the pastor out of the house he was renting. Pastor Nirbhay and his family moved a few miles away, but the opposition only followed him. Three villagers stirred the people against him, encouraging them not to listen to the pastor. They even came with a group to beat Nirbhay, but the Lord protected him.

Church Withstands Opposition

Though a few in the fellowship were scared and stopped attending services, the rest of the believers grew strong in their decision to live for Jesus, believing the Lord would see them through each trial.

Soon the fellowship became large enough to need a bigger building. The believers searched the surrounding area, but no one would sell their land to be used for a church building. After looking at about 25 plots of land, the Lord answered the believers’ prayers and gave them a good piece of land to purchase. But problems arose yet again when they began construction.

“You cannot build a church here,” villagers insisted.

All construction came to a standstill as the congregation prayed and fasted together for more than a month. By God’s grace, the work finally began again 45 days later.

Standing on the Promises of God

In May 2015, Pastor Nirbhay and more than 200 believers gathered to worship together for the first time in their newly completed church building. Though some opposition still continues, God has strengthened the believers’ decision to live for Jesus in each trial and situation. Now, after nearly 10 years of waiting and shuffling prayer meetings from house to house, the growing fellowship joins together freely to offer praise and worship to the God who always provides for their needs.

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  1. Everett.

    PTL for His faithfulness in giving His servants strength guidance wisdom in doing the work God gave them to do. My prayer is that the work will continue and God will continue to give the increase. We praise you Lord you are so faithful to us and we are encouraged that your Word never comes back void as Jesus is lifted up.

  2. Gloria

    God’s Grace is sufficient for his people, God is love.
    If everyone love one another in the name of Jesus this world, it would be a better place.
    But God put us in this world to see how mankind treats one another.
    There are so much Animosity in this world,because of no LOVE for the people they don’t know to love one another.
    I thank God for this Pastor Nirbhay for his Faith in our dear Lord, that his followers stood with him through thick and thin.
    I Pray for God’s Grace that many more doors will open for other ministries to go in to INDIA to minister to the people that are ignorant to this day because of their blindness.

  3. Kathy

    I am so taken with the people of Asia. I cannot not imagine the opposition that they feel everyday. I’m grateful that the Word of God is reaching these areas and other areas around the world. So much hate but now they are beginning to know a real love, a true love a love they can always count on, the love of Jesus. I pray for your protection and favor to continue to build churches and that they will be filled with believers and with new souls longing for Christ. Bless you and thank you for all you do. Love from America

  4. Emilia

    May God bless and protect Pastor Nirbhay and all the believers in Christ. Their victory is an extension of the victory of Jesus. We will always triumph because He triumphed. My prayer is that the Lord will increase His ministry from strength to strength. Amen.

  5. Frances

    I pray for people in India all the time. As a GFA supporter I eagerly read my emails to keep up with happenings and always read monthly magazine cover to cover. People in India are a blessing to me. I see their faith and it encourages me. Thank God for teaching us to love one another, pray for one another and help one another.

  6. Wynsome

    Give thanks for God is good. His mercies endure forever. I pray that God continues to open doors for his people not only in India but globally where Christians are persecuted for their faith. Let us pray that many more hearts and minds will be open to his love, goodness, and mercy.

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