Dreams of Demons

Women in fellowshipTabassum and Edi had a fine marriage—until Edi started taking his faith seriously.

The man had been a nominal Christian when they tied the knot, but soon he started attending prayer and worship services at the local church.

Tabassum did her best to keep Edi away from the church, verbally abusing him and his family, but something had changed in Edi. He sincerely wanted to follow Christ.

Edi and local missionaries tried to explain God’s love to her. He set up prayer meetings in their home, hoping she would attend.

Instead, Tabassum grew more hostile to the Good News. Whenever her husband held a prayer meeting, she locked up the house and retreated to the field.

But there were some things Tabassum couldn’t run away from.

Come Back to Haunt Her

Her dead parents’ spirits began to haunt her at night, appearing in her dreams as demons who ravenously devoured her.

Although she sought the help of religious leaders and witchdoctors, her terrifying dreams continued for months.

One day, exhausted from her search for relief, she shared her nightmare with Edi.

She needed to come to church with him, Edi told his wife confidently. “In the name of Jesus Christ, those demons will flee and never come back again.”

After all her other efforts, Tabassum was still reluctant to try church as a solution, but Edi knew it was the only way. Finally, Tabassum agreed to come, just for prayer.

When they heard of Tabassum’s problem, all the believers began fasting and praying, and she soon felt God’s peace. After she chose to follow Him, the dreams left and she gradually grew to love Christ dearly.

Now she eagerly shares of the peace Jesus brought to her life and frequently prays for the lost.

Through her story, two families have chosen to embrace Jesus, too, and she and Edi are seen as an example for many in the church. The couple is now united in love for one another and for the One who rescued them.

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  1. ivanreyneke@gmail.com

    Praise God for testimonies like this what a wonderfull Saviour we serve, Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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