His Wife Was Dying

WomanBhavya had earnestly sought healing for his wife, Ghambiri, for two years. He prayed and offered sacrifices to his gods, but they did not answer. As the situation worsened, he lost hope for any change.

It all began one day when Ghambiri became virtually comatose. She was taken to the hospital, but nothing could be done to bring her out of her senseless state.

Gradually, as her condition worsened, Ghambiri became listless, so that she could not stir out of bed or speak. It became evident that she was possessed by a demon.

Husband Seeks Earnestly For His Wife’s Healing

Bhavya called on several witch doctors who offered numerous sacrifices, but nothing availed to heal his wife. Meanwhile, Bhavya struggled to keep up with his work while raising four children alone. Two years passed like this without hope.

One of Bhavya’s fellow villagers named Garima invited the couple to attend her church for prayer. Bhavya was skeptical that Garima’s God could answer his prayers, but when Sunday morning came and Garima renewed her invitation, Bhavya hired a rickshaw to transport his wife to the church.

When they arrived at the church led by Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Gyan, Ghambiri was completely unaware of her surroundings. During the service, the entire congregation prayed for Ghambiri’s healing. After the service, they prayed for her again for three hours, interceding for her deliverance.

Their Prayers Are Answered

Finally, something changed. Ghambiri’s eyes opened, and as she looked around, her mind was restored to its normal state. Still, she could not speak, so the believers continued praying.

At last, as the day waned, Ghambiri was completely healed. She was still very weak after two bedridden years, but gradually, as she and her family trusted in Jesus, she received strength to carry on with her former responsibilities in the home.

Because of this miracle, Ghambiri became a living testimony to Jesus’ power in her village, and two families came to believe in Jesus as a result of hearing her story.

Not only was Ghambiri healed through prayer, but her entire family came to know and love Jesus because of it. See how you can pray for people like her.

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